The Quaker Campus

Greenleaf Gallery hosts a new point of view

The Quaker Campus

Sandy de Lissovoy brings his latest exhibit — entitled ‘Borders and Screens’ — to our Greenleaf Gallery in Mendenhall. A Californian native, de Lissovoy’s works combine different mediums to create single masterpieces.

He describes his pieces as representing the relationship of natural environments versus built environments, building his screens and borders to show the natural world.

De Lissovoy even took some of his screens outside to use them as viewfinders or lenses. This serves as a new way to see the natural world, limiting your scope of vision but still displaying the implied and literal separation of space.

Sandy de Lissovoy establishes a conversation surrounding the notion of separation by politics, borders and screens. By taking these three subjects and turning them into artistic representations, he gives this situation a new perspective.