Amazon: Fueling online shopper’s daydreams since 1995

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Amazon is home to a number of quintessential finds, from magical mats and picture-perfect coffee mugs.

Trent Beauchamp-Sanchez

Amazon is like Walmart without the guilt: there’s something for everyone, and you always end up getting more than you intended to. For college students, Amazon can be a lifesaver when it comes to ordering books and schools supplies. However, the one-stop web shop is also filled with surprising and novel items for a variety of niche audiences. 

A Wonderland for Potter Fans 

There is perhaps no fanbase as large and devoted as those of the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. If you happen to be a Potter fan, then a quick look into merchandise on Amazon will reveal dozens of pages worth of official merchandise. From Gryffindor scarves to Gringotts coins, if you can imagine a piece of Harry Potter merch, odds are you can buy it on Amazon. 

The Northwest Company Warner Bros Harry Potter Gryffindor’s Crest Tapestry Throw

Sure to liven up the room of anyone sorted into the Gryffindor house, this 48 x 60 inch tapestry-style throw is perfect for cold winter nights in the dorms or for wall display, and comes with an affordable price-tag of $17.26 with free shipping on orders over $49. 

A Different Mug for Everyone

Alongside Potter merchandise, Amazon also has a variety of products to offer the community of people who drink coffee. A quick look through Amazon’s selection of mugs reveals a plethora of options for the coffee lover with a personality. 

Camera Lens Travel Thermos by uHome

For the artistic coffee lover on the go, the camera lens travel thermos offers the perfect blend of style and convenience. Part thermos, part statement piece, there’s simply no better way to let people know you’re artsy and hip while keeping your coffee warm and your eyes wide open during finals week. At $11.99, the Thermos is a bit on the expensive side for a coffee mug, but who ever said style was cheap? 

Grenade Mug by BigMouth Inc. 

The perfect mug for the Professor who has heard it all, this mug warns students that now is not the time to make excuses, while providing the drinker enough caffeine to handle the rest of the day’s worth of classes. At $9.99, this cup sends a message on a budget.