Patrice Gomez

While some of us are creating jack-o-lanterns for Halloween, others will be making sugar skulls and altars for the Dia de Los Muertos Festival in Uptown on Sunday Oct. 9. 

For those of you who are curious about what the holiday is about, Dia de Los Muertos is a Mexican holiday to remember our loved ones by creating altars and giving offerings to the resting souls. This Sunday, Uptown Whittier’s own shop Casita de Pueblo will be hosting its 11th annual Dia De Los Muertos Art and Music festival for the community. 

Casita De Pueblo is a little shop located on Philadelphia Street in Uptown Whittier. The shop is known for selling items from Latino culture, like clothes, jewelry and artwork. They are huge supporters for the art community and sell local artists’ artwork and online on their website

The festival will be have amazing entertainment, from musicians to dancers, from different elements of Latino culture. There is even an altar decorating contest and a costume contest for those who wish to dress up. There will be a variety of food, including yummy treats like pan dulce and pan de muertos. Artists will come to exhibit and sell their art for this special holiday. Another cool aspect about this festival is the nice selection of vintage cars for the car show and some fellow rockabillys come out to show their support for the event. 

Casita Del Pueblo really wants to spread the word about this event. The owners placed an advertisement on a billboard off the 5 Freeway and posted on Instagram, “We are so excited about our billboard for our 11th annual Dia de Los Muertos Art and Music Festival!” Most shops in the area and Casita de Pueblo’s website and Instagram are constantly promoting. 

The nice thing about this festival is that people get the opportunity to paint their faces into skulls, dress like Catrinas and even bring some rockabillys into the picture. Beyond that, though, it is an awesome way to bring the community closer and explore what the culture is all about.

The owners of Casita Del Pueblo state, “It is our vision to foster public awareness and appreciation of the arts by being a focal point where people come to find unique gifts and participate in culturally based workshops, which honor our traditions creating a spirit of community.”

I have been going to this festival for the past six years and it has gotten better and better, with the community and the love the people possess for the culture.  So go for the art show and music, see the culture and admire the vintage cars. The event is just a small walk away from campus.