Reviving dated pieces and adopting new trends

Hot trends from previous decades, like those above, are making a comeback, uniting with the trends of today.  These iconic fashion symbols signify a changing culture, one in which we take an active part.

Molly Lowry

Here at the Quaker Campus, we took a staff poll which asked which trends they are the most excited about for fall. The choices I gave were plaid, mini skirts, and bell-bottoms. It was a small sample of the total student body, so I do not claim to speak for everyone but here is what I found: mini skirts and plaid were the two most popular choices, with the majority voting for mini skirts, closely followed by plaid. Only a handful voted for bell-bottoms. I have been wearing mini skirts since I was a child. I think if they make you feel confident then you can wear them no matter your body type.  

Looking through current fashion magazines for what the fashionable people will be wearing, I found that Vogue says “strong” shoulder pads and metallics are must haves for fall. I do not think shoulder pads were a good idea in the 1980s and they are not a good idea in 2016 either. I think certain trends are timeless and flattering in any decade but shoulder pads make one look as if your shoulders are all the way up to your ears at all times or that you are planning to go play football. Is that really a look that needs to be redone? While AnnaSophia Robb wore such styles in The Carrie Diaries, she often appeared to be ready to go to a Halloween party at a moment’s notice because many of her outfits seemed costume-y.

Metallics are a good idea when you are going out because they make a statement without being overdone. When balanced with minimal jewelry, they stand out from a sea of little black dresses. Elle tells me flared pants like those of the 70s are now acceptable to wear again. This gives me flashbacks (and not the good kind) to what my parents used to wear when they were younger. Floral prints are also on the fashion radar, and I am thrilled. I have not met a floral print that I did not like. I am constantly drawn to this pattern even in colder weather because when spring is not in the air, I need to have it in my wardrobe.

Fashion defines eras. Every era and culture is remembered by how they dressed. In conversation, one of the first things people tend to do is match the fashion to the era. Zoot suits are an iconic depiction of style in the 1940s, while neon clothing and multi-colored windbreakers are reminiscent of the 1980s. You can’t predict what people in the future will remember the current era by because there has not been a distinct style for 2016.