Costless Costumes: Halloween ideas on a boo-dget

Costless Costumes: Halloween ideas on a boo-dget

Tris Macklin

Do you hate Halloween Express and its cheesy, overpriced, and often offensive selection of costumes? Are you too lazy or busy to put in effort for a last minute Halloween costume? If any of this applies, here are some quick and inexpensive DIY costumes that scream, “I spent $5 on this, and yeah, I look good.”

“One Happy Camper”
- a smiley face shirt, preferably yellow
($10 on eBay)
- a backpack
(hopefully you own a backpack)

How to:
Just put on the shirt, followed by the backpack. Fill the backpack with candy or whatever your heart desires!



Identity Thief
- a shirt
- a pack of “Hello, my name is..” stickers ($6.29 at Staples)

How to:
Get creative in the most minimal way by writing down random names and sticking them all over a shirt.

- leggings or any pair of pants (again, ranging $10-20)
- pack of Smarties candy ($1.30 from Target)
- glue ($2)
Bonus points: glasses, bow-tie and or suspenders

How to:
Simply glue the Smarties on your choice of pants. You can either unwrap the Smarties and glue them on individually, or glue on the whole package.  


- a pair of pants ($10-$20 range)
- several guitar picks (pack of 10 for 95 cents)

How to:
Glue on guitar picks around the pockets of your pants – voila!



Bread Winner
- a medal ($3 from Amazon)
- a loaf or even just a slice of bread (around $2, give or take)

How to:
This one is even more self-explanatory. Wear the medal around your neck, carry the bread, and be prepared to explain. 



(If you get really desperate… )
- shirt
- marker
- lemons

How to:
Hand out lemons, and play “Life” for a night.