Cupid is stupid: Throw a pity party this Valentine’s Day

Patrice Gomez

Suffering from a broken heart? Smash a piñata like it’s your ex.

Ah, Valentine’s Day! The one day where roses, chocolates, teddy bears, and puppy love can be spotted just about everywhere. For those of us who aren’t into the loving spirit, there is another option. Though around for a while, a growing trend for those who despise Valentine’s Day is to throw an Anti-Valentine’s Day party.  

In 2013, the popular site Buzzfeed published an article called “24 Ideas For Throwing the Perfect Anti-Valentine’s Day Party” as a fun attempt to get people out of their homes and stop moping about for not having a special someone. A year later, people were so hooked on this anti-holiday they decided that planning these types of parties was a fun idea. 

Within the following years, more and more sites started introducing new crafts ideas for the anti-holiday. Even people on Pinterest jumped on the bandwagon and started posting their ideas, which includes treats, decorations, music playlists, and other party games. 

Last year, LA Weekly posted an article called “8 Anti-Valentine’s Day Events to Help You Celebrate Your Freedom.” This article gave suggestions about bars and restaurants in Los Angeles that were having special events and discounts on drinks and meals for those who are single on Valentine’s Day. 

So, how do you plan an Anti-Valentine’s Day party you may ask? The answer to that is to create items that are against Valentine’s Day norm. Instead of using colors such as red, pink, and white, use black and blood red for the theme. 

According to Pinterest, the top popular picks for this party are broken heart cookies, hate cards, and a conversation heart piñata. Usually, the cookies are either made to look like the conversation candies with little comments such as, “You suck” or “I hate you” or they are made to look like an actual broken heart. 

The hate cards have also become a favorite activity because you can make them look like a cute Valentine’s Day Card butwrite messages like “This day is stupid.” 

Another fun party activity is the conversation heart piñata. This paper maché piñata is in the shape of heart candies and participants can get creative with whatever they want to place in the middle of it. This activity is especially popular because party guests can take all their hatred of Valentine’s Day out on this paper maché heart.    

The fun doesn’t stop there. Gifts are another festivity for this anti-holiday. There are many online resources for suggestions on gag gifts for the members of your lonely heart’s club, such as Seventeen Magazine’s “12 Amazing Anti Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Single Girlfriends.” Some gift ideas are shirts with sassy quotes, such as “Fries before guys,” or a breakup kit filled with comfort foods.

The more creative guests get with the gifts, the better. 

Whether you’re single, fresh from a breakup, or just have a strong hatred towards Valentine’s Day, Anti-Valentine’s Day is a fun and creative alternative. So grab your friends, eat some broken heart shaped cookies, and break that heart piñata because Valentine’s Day is overrated, but friends are amazing.