Find a planner that is practically perfect in every way

  According to a study by UCLA, students who write down their notes are more likely to remember them.

According to a study by UCLA, students who write down their notes are more likely to remember them.

Lisa Tô


You struggle with the papers and homework assignments strewn all over your desk. You can’t remember how long the laundry has been in a pile in the corner. And every time you check your bank account, you’re surprised at how much you spent and how many bills you have because you weren’t keeping track of them.

Well my friend, then it’s time for you to get yourself a planner. Instead of scrawling your meeting times and homework assignments on sticky notes that will get lost (or not even bothering to jot them down), you should write those important things down in a planner that is easy to take with you and has plenty of room for your needs.

Writing down your tasks will help you achieve your goals much faster and more efficiently since it will help you keep track of what to do and when to do it. If you have homework, meetings, chores, work assignments, and so on, write them down right away so that you do not forget. When you finish those tasks, you get to check them off your list. Not only will you actually remember and feel compelled to do those things, you will be proud of your small accomplishments.

There are plenty of planners out there that suit every type of person’s needs. There are daily planners, weekly planners, and monthly planners. Daily planners tend to have a page per day in which there is a schedule that lists the times of a day and may include space for appointments, emails, to-do lists, and the like. These are perfect for those who are super busy with many classes, meetings, and work, and need to plan out their entire day.

Weekly planners, some of which come with months, are what I prefer to use. Usually, they will have an entire week spread across either one or two pages with a horizontal or vertical layout. I find that this is enough space for homework assignments, work hours, and special events. These are the planners that are usually given out to students by their school.

Monthly planners are usually thin and larger in size but have bigger boxes for each month than most weekly planners have. Though this is the least popular style, those who have minimal workloads and like to carry around something with less weight may prefer this kind of planner for their lifestyle.

Planners aren’t just for appointments, homework, and work. A planner is a versatile tool. Depending on your needs, it can also house your fitness goals and accomplishments, your spendings, a bills log, meal planning, mood trackers, and random ideas. The possibilities are all there within your planner. You just have to decide what is important in your life that needs to be organized and written down.

But wait—there’s more! Once you figure out what type of planner you like best and what you want to use it for, there are many brands to choose from. There are many generic planners available at Target, Barnes & Noble, and other stores, but I will tell you about the most aesthetically pleasing ones because if your planner is not good-looking, then you are not going to be using it very often.

For the minimalists, planners that may suit you are the Moleskine daily and weekly planners and the Japanese Hobonichi daily planner. Perhaps you want something with more color and flare? You can find planners with cute patterns inside, like the various Recollections planners at Michael’s, the popular quirky Bando planner, and Asian diaries on websites like and If you’re looking for a cheap customizable planner, Target has been selling mini binders for $3 and planner inserts that fit inside them also for $3 at the Bullseye’s Playground, which was previously known as the Target Dollar Spot. They have come out with many different design options and are very affordable.

Some planners are popular but expensive because they have customizable covers and come with pretty stickers and other extras. These include the Erin Condren planner, the Personal Planner, the Happy Planner, and my personal favorite, the May Books from May Designs.

Then, there are the planners that are completely customizable based on your needs. Filofaxes are six-ringed binders that allow you to add the pages you need, including planner pages. Traveler’s Notebooks are pieces of leather, faux leather, fabric, or other sturdy material that hold multiple notebooks with elastics. The original Traveler’s Company offers undated and dated monthly and weekly inserts.

Last but not least, Bullet Journals have been trending all over the internet. The idea is to take any regular notebook and basically customize it your own planner. What makes the Bullet Journal so popular is that you are not restricted by anything from all the previous planners I mentioned and no two Bullet Journals look alike. Some have taken the Bullet Journal concept and added it to their binders, Filofaxes, and Traveler’s Notebooks.

There are many more planners out there, but this is a plentiful list that should help you decide which planner is the best for you. Planners will help you get your life in order and relieve a lot of stress. The more aesthetically pleasing your planner is, the more likely you will use it and the more organized you will become.