I stream, you stream, so do your Professors!

Jennifer Merino

Professor of English Sean Morris 

“My Netflix and Amazon Prime queues are very full. As usual, I have a big appetite for all sorts of things, from documentaries, to Sci-fi, to Downton Abby types. I also have similar queues at Turner Classic Movies, the Teaching Company / The Great Courses, and sometimes Doc Club [documentaries].” Some of the movies that have caught Morris’s attention include Deepwater Horizon, Arrival, The Witch, Moana, La La Land, and Doctor Strange. He is currently waiting to see Hacksaw Ridge while items he always has “ready in the queue to watch again [are films] like the Captain America movies, Zootopia, and the like.” There are also a few series that have blown him out of the water, which include Medici, The Last Kingdom, North and South, “and of course, I’m also a long time fan of Game of Thrones, both the HBO series and the novels,” said Morris Not to mention, his interest in series extends to superhero shows such as Daredevil, The Flash, Agents of Shield, Supergirl, Luke Cage, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. 

Visiting Professor of English Scott Creley 

Some of Professor Creley’s favorites include No Country for Old Men, Michael Che Special, The Office (British Version), Mystery Science Theater 3000, and Black Mirror. “Sure, Black Mirror is fantastic because of its futuristic elements. Almost everything in it is plausible and builds off existing trends and patterns. It then takes these predictions and tests them in the lives of some really developed characters and settings. Everything about it is high concept and human all at once. It’s one of the most imaginative and well-written shows in production right now,” said Creley. His interests also extend into the anime series One Punch Man.

Professor ofPoliticalScience SaraAngevine 

“For me, it is all about finding the program that best addresses my mood and interest,” said Angevine. Some movies and series that have found their way into the favorite’s catalogue of Professor Angevine are Finding Dory, Beauty and the Beast, Battlestar Galactica, Travelers Mulholland Drive, Fruitvale Station, Murder She Wrote, 13th, House of Cards, Sherlock, CNN’s the Eighties, and Stranger Things. She says that as for Stranger Things, she “Cannot WAIT for Season Two!”

Professor of Philosophy Paul Kjellberg 

“I occasionally go bottom-feeding for old movies on TCM. They’regood, and I like to see the way people used to think and feel. Recently, I saw The Outlaw and his Wife, which [is] a Swedish movie about people’s lives starting over and ending,” said Kjellberg (insert suspenseful music). “The Wind [is] a great old silent movie -with Lillian Gish about a poor young woman who moves west, where she is driven crazy by the endless dust storms.” One of Kjellberg’sfavorite series is a Korean historical drama named Emperor Wang Guhn. He is also “glad to see Samurai Jack is back from the past. We watched the original when my son was little.”