Shy Girl’s smoothest sounds
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Miranda Perdomo

Artist: Shy Girls 
Album: Bird On The Wing 
Record Label: RCA Records 
Recommended Tracks: Track 2 – “Hallelujah” Track 10  – “What Do You Do When You’ve Found Love?”
Rating: 4/5

Dan Vidmar, also known by his stage name Shy Girls, released his new album on March 1, 2019. Shy Girls is known for his alternative R&B music that blended with lo-fi beats. This 11-track album is crafted with smooth rhythms and warm tones, both vocally and instrumentally. Shy Girls put this album together with full creative control, as he recorded and mixed the music himself. This unique facet of Shy Girls gives his sound a more personal feel because it captures the full artistic vision of his craft. The album’s mood is very relaxed and it’s pleasant to listen to, especially when you’re in the mood for some easy-going music. The overall production of the album is solid, earning it a four-out-of-five rating. 

At the forefront of Bird On The Wing is Shy Girl’s soft vocals, which float above the deeper lo-fi beats. The execution of the beats are well-balanced and don’t overpower Shy Girl’s voice. The first recommended song, “Hallelujah,” opens with soft keys that match the higher tone of the vocals before added lo-fi beats contrast, giving a layer of richness and depth. The tempo is slow throughout the entire song, reestablishing the laid-back tone of the album as a whole.

Track 10 on the album, “What Do You Do When You’ve Found Love?” is one of the most enjoyable songs on the album. From a creative standpoint, everything about it flows cohesively. Lyrically, vocally, and instrumentally, it shows the capabilities of Shy Girls’ musical talent. The song is placed toward the end of the album’s tracklist, and, by this point, Bird On The Wing simmers down to the perfect pace. If you were to listen to one song off of this record, I would suggest this one. It opens with drum machine beats and a subtle bassline in the background. The orchestration creates an atmospheric quality that the other tracks on the album sometimes achieve, but this one lands perfectly. One highlight is during the last 54 seconds of the song, when there’s a brief pause that makes it seem like the song is over, but then the lo-fi beats fade back in for the remainder of the song, providing the perfect payoff.

Shy Girls delivers a well-made sophomore album Bird On The Wing, experimenting with different styles of sound. If you find yourself gravitating toward lo-fi or soft R&B, give this album a listen.