Anticipating art in L.A.

Anticipating art in L.A.

Tori O’Campo

During the school year, it is difficult to make the time to visit L.A. and take in the plentiful art museums and exhibits that are constantly flooding the city. Here is your opportunity to take advantage of the end of the semester and plan out a trip to one of these most anticipated exhibits that will be displayed in various L.A. galleries this summer.

Courtesy of Mike Kelley

Courtesy of Mike Kelley

Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power

This exhibit covers the underrepresented period of black culture and artists that sprang out of big city communities from the ‘60s to the early ‘80s. Each piece answers to its own perspective of the questions that black artists faced at the time, such as whether their art was too radical or not radical enough, or whether to cater to a universal audience rather than a black audience. The hope is the visitors will walk away “not talking about ‘black art,’ but the power of particular artists and pieces,” according to the Broad website. This exhibit will be at The Broad in Downtown LA through Sep. 1. Tickets are available on The Broad website for $18, with a free admission period on Thursdays from 5 p.m. – 8 p.m. each week.

CONTACT HIGH: A Visual History of Hip Hop

Curator Vikki Tobak has amassed over 140 works to present a visual identity of hip-hop from the late ‘70s to recent artists such as Mac Miller. The exhibition features photographs from local venues to some of the more iconic artists’ behind-the-scenes moments, with memorabilia and videos displayed to support the photographs’ representation of the culture. There is a mix between staged photo shoots, backstage moments, and club candids that try to capture hip-hop’s authentic identity. This exhibit will be on display at the Annenberg Space for Photography until August 18 and admission is free.

40 for LA

The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) is celebrating its 40th anniversary, which means that each of its multiple locations throughout the city will host special exhibits and events through the next few months. The 40 for LA exhibition is a multimedia archive that includes pieces and artists that have helped shape the institution throughout the past four decades. By hosting photographs, lithographs, videos, and rare objects, the exhibit itself paints a picture of the history of art in Southern California and in MOCA museums. 

Book of Beasts and The Wondrous Cosmos

Two medieval-focused exhibits have found a temporary home at the iconic Getty Center in the hilltops of Brentwood. The Wondrous Cosmos in Medieval Manuscripts is on display now through July 21 and showcases art, specifically illuminated manuscripts, that depict supernatural beings, such as angels and demons, inspired by the cosmos. These manuscripts capture the scientific and theological background that artists of the Middle Ages drew from in their creations. Book of Beasts: The Bestiary in the Medieval World will be open from May 14 through August 18, and it will showcase the illustrations that accompanied bestiary tales from medieval literature. This exhibition displays over 100 pieces of intense depictions on pages and other objects. 

Academy Museum of Motion Picture

Since its construction was first announced in L.A., the opening of Academy Museum of Motion Picture has been one of the more anticipated cultural events. Although this is not exactly an exhibit and will most likely not be completed for summer, I included it on this list to put it on your radar. The museum will be devoted to educating guests and taking time to appreciate the past, present, and future of film and cinema. It was recently announced that guests under the age of 17 will receive free entry, thanks to a grant made by the George Lucas Family Foundation. The museum will open in late 2019, and tickets are predicted to sell out quickly, so keep an eye on date announcements and ticket releases. 

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