Whittier Weekend: once a Poet, always a Poet

Lexi Valenzuela

Whittier Weekend began Oct. 19 with Spirit Week activities such as a silent disco and a Poet pumpkin patch. It culminated on Saturday with a dance reunion at the Radisson Hotel. Recognized as a time to come together and spread Poet pride, Whittier students laughed throughout competitions and cheered for one another over the past weekend.

This year’s Dubsync competition was held in the Harris Amphitheatre from 7:00-9:00 p.m. Six societies participated in the event, and in between every performance was a sumo wrestling match with volunteer participants. While the judges determined the winner, the dance team showcased the routine they have been rehearsing this semester. 

“[Dubsync] was very high energy and I enjoyed being there for sure,” said Franklin Society alumni Eric Hinwood. “It was fun seeing the Franklins perform rather than being in it. We’ve won an award every year since I enrolled at Whittier. I think it’s a great way for alumni to reconnect with each other and with current students, especially society-affiliated alumni and actives.” 

The theme to Dubsync last year was “movie soundtracks” leading into this year’s theme which was “MTV.” Each society’s performance had to be at least 10 to 15 minutes, including recorded audio and dance numbers. 

“It used to be called the Spring Sing; it’s a lip sync competition,” Event Chair junior Aubrey Bang-Guerin said. “You don’t find out the theme until a month before it happens. I had less than a week to write the script, record audio, and solidify any changes. It’s insane, but so much fun.”

There are four awards given at Dubsync. This year the Metaphonian Society won “Best Overall,” the Ionians received the “Best Choreography,” the Franklins won “Most Original,” and the Penns won “Best Interpretation.” 

Midnight Madness was held in the GAC from 9:30-11:00 p.m. where there were competitions and games. Free shirts and ice cream were given out while various sports teams competed against each other in dance-offs. “It was fun to see everything and everyone come together,” said sophomore Sydney Perkins. “It’s a good way to connect the sports teams.”

Saturday morning, various sports teams such as Men’s Lacrosse and Swim participated in alumni games while society actives met with alumni for brunch. Soon after, the Annual Homecoming Poet Festival took place on the baseball field at 2:00 p.m. complete with a beer garden live music and entertainment. 

The Metaphonians won the All Society Alumni Participation Challenge, meaning they received the most donations from alumni. “I had a great time reconnecting with alumni to catch up and see what they’re up to,” Penn sophomore Keanu Reus said. “It’s a time to remind students and alumni alike to come together to have Poet pride and remember what it means to be a Poet.” 

The Poets competed against the Cal Lutheran Kingsmen at the Whittier Homecoming football game, the final score being 34-9, with the Kingsmen victorious. Homecoming court was announced during halftime, and soon after the dance at the Radisson began. 

Whittier Weekend is the best time to recognize fellow alumni for their achievements, cheer on Poets at athletic events, and catch that Poet Pride!