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What’s the Rush? Societies take prospects on an adventure

fcl3The Quaker Campus

Patrice Gomez

Within the next few weeks of November, Whittier College’s societies will have concluded their annual rushes. Rush is a fun-filled day for people to discover more about societies. 

You may be curious about the differences between Open House and Rush. While Open Houses are a preview of what the society is in a nutshell, Society Rushes are a fun-filled weekend where societies take potential members on an adventure and showcase their society values. 

Many society members find this event important because it shows what they have to offer. “I think rush is a really fun way for prospective girls and guys to get to know a society on a social level,” senior Thalian Society member Bobbie Terrazas said. 

“A lot of times, Open House feels so formal, so rush takes away the formality and makes room for comfortability.” 

Much like their Open Houses, every Society has a different theme for Rush which gives potential members a little clue for where the adventure will be. Invitations and flyers were sent in late October with interesting themes. For example, the Palmer Society’s theme was“Take a Walk on the Wild Side.”

“I found our Rush event to be important because we have a whole day to spend time with the [prospective new members],” sophomore Penn member Keanu Reus stated. “Open House is different because it’s only a two-hour event on a weekday, but in Rush, we get to devote a whole day to be more familiar with anyone interested in joining us and vice versa.” 

Society members are really showing how important these Rushes are because they want to make it the best day of these students’ lives. 

While some societies have already had their Rushes, there are still some Rushes that have yet to take place. The Athenian Society’s Rush will be next Sat. Nov. 12 and the Metaphonian Society’s Rush will be Sun., Nov. 13. 

Though many students have already sent in their RSVPs, Rush is a special time for society members, both Active and Alumni alike, as these events are a great time to demonstrate the strength of one’s sisterhood or brotherhood. 

“I am personally looking forward to seeing a bunch of new smiling faces and to make sure that the girls have fun getting to be off campus for the day,” sophomore Metaphonian member Alexa Bernal said. “Rush was the time when I genuinely discovered more of what I wanted out of my years at Whittier College, who I wanted to spend all that time with, and most of all, who I wanted to be.”

The Societies are looking forward to meeting new students and taking them on a fun adventure.