LEAP Awakens: Star Wars Movie Night

Lexi Valenzuela

As a part of Welcome Week, the LEAP Office hosted a movie night in the Campus Courtyard with the popular feature Star Wars: The Force Awakens complete with a photo booth and several giveaways.

Before the movie began LEAP program workers gave away prizes such as BB-8 decorations, toys and posters for those who answered movie trivia correctly. One lucky winner who participated in the raffle won a large BB-8 plush.

“I liked the program overall,” said Junior Justina Chock. “The photo booth was cute with the light saber props and the trivia quiz [had] nice Star Wars merchandise. Also there were lots of blankets available which was great since it was so cold. I was a little disappointed that there [weren’t] any movie snacks like popcorn at least. I thought the experience was overall really fun and I’m glad the school does these movies; I wish there were more movie events.”

The photo booth featured various props such as light sabers and masks, perfect for capturing selfies and group shots while still connecting to the movie. The LEAP backdrop was also available for those wanting to share the moment on social media.

 “The program was fun [and] I’m a huge Star Wars fan,” said alumni William Coombs. “I do Star Wars cosplay and videogame let’s plays of Star Wars games. My girlfriend and I took pictures at the event with our own lightsabers. It felt like a drive in theater without the cars. It was really neat.”

As the movie began students huddled closer together as the weather grew colder. The iconic theme song for Star Wars began to play throughout the courtyard attracting a few passerbys and onlookers to come and watch.

“The hope is to create a sense of community within the student body, especially integrating first year students into [our] community,” said LEAP program member and Senior Samantha Vega.  “Welcome Week is comprised of events that cement [our] community. It gets students out of their dorms and lets them blow off steam during the first week of school. It also gets people in the habit of participating in school events. It’s also a good way to find your way around campus.”

While not everyone is a fan of Star Wars, having a movie night is a great way to connect with friends and unwind after a stressful week of classes.