Book Bargains: Last day for Wardman Library bi-annual sale

Connie Morales

Calling all lovers and collectors of books! If you are looking for some new material to read, then make sure to stop by Wardman Library for the bi-annual book sale, running until 11:30 p.m. tonight.

This event allows students to purchase books from a variety of genres for the cheap price of fifty cents. Sounds awesome, right? But wait, why are the prices for these texts so low, you wonder? Well, you have the generous donors to thank for that.

Many of the works offered at the sale have been provided by the numerous supporters of Whittier College. These written works are often sold because they do not fit into any specific literary category at the library, or because there is already a copy available to students. This excess supply of books is what prompted Laurel Crump to create this bookworm jackpot, and it has continued for over a decade; eleven years, to be exact.

According to librarian Mike Garabedian, the primary purpose for this sale is not to make a profit,but to give back to the campus and to encourage students to become more involved in reading.

“I mean, the money’s nice; we do use the money to benefit students, but we’re really just trying to get these books to good homes,” said Garabedian. “All the money we make on the sale of the books benefits the students in one way or another. For example, there’s

a water bottle-filling fountain on [the first floor of the library] . . . that was paid for by the proceeds from the previous book sales.”

Participating in this event provides you not only with the opportunity to help out our community, but also given the chance to buy some interesting novels in “silent auctions.”

The silent auctions include publications that are considered rare. During the sale, you will be able to make bids on these writings, and if you are the highest bidder by the end of Thursday night, you win the prize.

Don’t worry; while taking place in these negotiations does cost a little more, they won’t require you to break the bank. In fact, these books often have a starting offer as low as $5.

When it comes to how successful this sale is, few students would argue over its positive effects. “My major is child development, so I was trying to find some books [related to that subject], and I did. I found them for fifty cents, so that’s pretty awesome,” junior Allyson Ventura said happily as she held a work entitled, “Making Sense of Children’s Drawings.”

Although most were content with what they found, there were others who expressed a wish for more options. “I’d like to see more fiction, maybe, like fairy tales,” suggested sophomore Jasmine Perkovic. However, she still enjoys coming and searching for adaptions on her favorite topics of society and culture.

Overall, the sale has been a hit every year, and in addition to providing educational advantages, it can also give you a head start on your holiday shopping. A book can be a great and thoughtful gift. Taking the time to pick one out for a family member or loved one can make the present that much more special.

Ready to check out the collection for yourself? Then drop by the library today before it’s all gone. Happy reading!