A Fair to Remember; Uptown Whittier’s Family Street Festival

Amelia Bell

The sweet scent of funnel cake and caramel corn drifted through the crisp air as families huddled close together around various street vendors at the Uptown Whittier Family Fair. 


Open to the general public, the fair is a great way to meet up with friends, try something new and create memorable experiences. There are a variety of street vendors, each with something special and interesting to offer such as henna tattoos, kettle corn and even Tupperware. With Christmas around the corner, it would be an ideal location to scope out the array of jewelry, handbags and homemade soaps.  

The street fair offers vendors the opportunity to promote their small businesses as well. Kettle corn vendor Steve Caringella runs California’s Best Kettle Corn, a family-owned company founded in 1990. He has been in the business ever since. “This event helps promote my business,” Caringella said. “If people know I’m here, you never know what could come about.”

The festival stretches down the street, the lights brightly glow as the sun starts to set. The streets are filled with friends greeting one another and families posing for pictures. The friendly and inviting atmosphere attracts people from all over Whittier. Whittier College first-year Christiana Prestella expressed her new experience at the fair. “For having just moved here, I had no idea the aspects of Whittier. I knew that the city was family-orientated, but walking through the fair really opened my eyes up to the true beauty of this small town,” Prestella said. 

The fair offers the people of Whittier a safe and family-oriented environment that is both fun and affordable. “I love it,” fair attendee Vanessa Murillo said. “There are a lot of different people. I grew up in Whittier so I see a lot of people who I went to high school with.”

Luckily for those who missed out this past Thursday, the fair will be held every Thursday from 3 p.m to 8 p.m. now until Nov. 4. 

With its unique vendors and mouth-watering food, such as garlic dips, funnel cake and caramel covered apples, Uptown Whittier is the place to be on a Thursday night.