Society Ice (Cream) Breaker; Get the Scoop on the ISC Mixer

Connie Morales

The Stauffer-Johnson Courtyard echoed with boisterous chatter and laughter as society members met with curious students during the annual Inter-Society Council Mixer on Sept. 14. 

Stepping into the courtyard, students of all grades were met with warm smiles and enthusiastic greetings as they introduced themselves to members of societies such as the Palmers, Ionians and Franklins. Those who attended the ice cream social had the chance to mingle with current society members, listen to music and enjoy their pick of ice cream flavors and toppings. 

“When I meet potential members I look forward to getting to know what makes them different from the rest of us,” junior Paragonian member Charlie Newman said. “Societies thrive on their members so when someone brings something new to the table it’s really exciting. The ISC mixer as a whole was a blast because everyone was talking to new people. Even if someone wasn’t interested in a particular society, it didn’t stop people from talking, laughing and having fun.” 

Various members of every society stood behind the ice cream booth, handing out scoops of vanilla or chocolate ice cream with a sherbet option available, along with chocolate syrup and whipped cream. As students made their way down the buffet-style booth, they had the choice of a variety of toppings such as crushed cookies, a wide array of cereal mixes and assorted candy bars; each society had their own specific topping to serve guests. Students could choose from Athenian marshmallows or Orthogonian rainbow sprinkles,among other options. 

“The most exciting thing about meeting prospective new members is making new friends,” juniorAthenian member Hannah Martin said. “You meet so many people and get to know them so quickly because everyone is very open to getting to know each other. It’s a unique process but I’m glad that we take a semester to really get to know everyone that’s interested.”

This was one of the first social gatherings hosted by the societies so far this academic year. Mixers such as this event are a regular occurrence for students to attend, often thrown by different societies on campus. Aside from establishing a connection between society members and prospective society members, these events encourage a connection between all Whittier College students. 

Students claim that joining a society comes with benefits such as offering support to their brothers and sisters, helping each other grow both academically and as a person, and being a part of a “new family.” Society members also talked of other benefits to joining their groups, including leadership skills, networking, scholarship opportunities and a sense of belonging in a new environment. 

Every society will be holding an open house on various dates in October and formal bids are not presented until December.

After hearing from the presidents of every society, including the ISC, the mixer ended with merriment and entertaining conversation.