Welcome back dance kicks off school year

Lexi Valenzuela

Blaring music echoed throughout the entire campus while multicolored lights leapt around the Campus Courtyard, attracting students to the William Penn Society’s Welcome Back Dance. 

At 8:00 p.m., students began meeting their friends in the middle of the dance floor but soon everyone branched out to cover the entire courtyard. At 12:00 a.m. pizza was served and the dance concluded. About 300 students were estimated to have attended.

“[We] want to make an event on campus especially for new students, so that first-year and transfer students feel included,” junior Welcome Back Dance Chair Ron Muñoz said. “It’s a fun dance with DJs and other Whittier College students in a safe environment.”

Although the Welcome Back Dance takes place in Fall semester, planning and preparation began near the end of July. 

“We get contracts from certain companies. [Since] the Welcome Back Dance is so early we need those budgets and quotes the very first week,” Muñoz said.  “For this dance specifically, [the] third week of school [requires communication] between LEAP and Senate. I guarantee no one knows how much work goes into planning a dance.” 

Between planning a budget for the lighting, the sound system and the stage, the Chairs in charge of the dance also had to set up contracts between various vendors such as Bon Appetít and Moment Entertainment, as well as set up the actual dance. The overall budget was $6744, 200.

“[The dance] was super fun,” sophomore Lajana Morris said. “Everyone danced together in a circle and I talked to a bunch of new people. I had a pretty good night and the pizza was also a great addition.”

Many students enjoyed the music and overall setup of the dance. “The music and lights were very exciting and lively,” sophomore Aubrey Baran said. “The dance floor was packed and the DJ mixed up his playlist and kept a wide audience pleased with his choices.” 

“It’s really just to have a nice start for all the students of Whittier and to have a fun start to the year,” sophomore Keanu Reus said. 

William Penn Alum DJ Attello, played the last two hours. Attello worked as the DJ for last year’s Luna, as well. 

“Our main goal is to have a main place where the students feel safe and can interact with other students they may have not met before to foster a better community,” said senior President of the William Penn Society Ryan-Hunter Kondo.

The William Penn Society’s next dance, Penntronic, will take place tentatively at the end of April.