In the Limelight: A Quaker Campus TV Spotlight

Lexi Valenzuela

If you are looking to expand your video editing skills or are interested in becoming a reporter, consider joining the Quaker Campus TV (QCTV), an organization established to produce content to entertain and inform the Poet community.

This year,  QCTV episodes have branched out beyond news videos and have expanded to include comedies and features.

“We have taken on a lot of new projects this year that are so fun, [like] making and publishing short videos on YouTube,” said senior Kiara Downs. “We report on different events and news on campus. We also have different segments like Wellness Tips and other fun shorts that we think students will enjoy. We are small, but we have fun ideas and a strong dedication to keeping the student body informed and entertained,” said Downs.

QCTV also helps produce KPOET Cozy Concerts” and has published 193 videos on YouTube, @whittierqctv. Their YouTube page has all the videos produced since 2010, when QCTV was first established.

Members learn how to edit, produce, and shoot videos during their involvement with the organization in addition to explore their own personal interests. “You can learn a lot from [QCTV],” said senior Secretary Keanna Garcia. “I joined the team as a sophomore knowing I wanted to be a reporter, but ended up learning how to produce episodes, videography, and even got hired for a manager’s position. If you join, you’re definitely going to get a well-rounded experience with both the communication and technical part of QCTV.”

QCTV covered the grand opening of the Science and Learning Center and taped a satirical tour of the building. “We cover stories on campus as a news channel would,” said Garcia. We’ve had episodes on things from the Whittier clown epidemic, to this year’s election. Lately, we’ve been thinking about making a mini series, and we even film performances by some KPOET artists.”

“We provide video editorials and other videos such as skits and music, for our fellow Poets to enjoy,” said senior Marketing Manager Andy Magana. “I enjoy thinking of new content the most and getting to see people enjoy our content. We have so many different kinds of minds and points of view, and it’s just an overall fun experience that helps us grow and expand our skills.”

QCTV is currently working on a project discussing the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) on the Whittier College Campus,as many of the buildings such as Wardman Hall are not ADA compliant.

“Our goal is to serve as Whittier College’s own TV channel to give students an entertaining [perspective] of students and events on campus,” said sophomore General Manager Keanu Reuss. “This year, I’m hoping to create new types of shows outside of our usual news episodes in order for us to feel more complete as a TV channel for the school.”

Do you have an idea for a video or want to be in front of the camera? Feel free to stop by a QCTV meeting, held Tuesdays at 4:30 in SLC 309.