Housing and Residential Life organized a series of events called “Paws and Relax.” These events allow students to spend time with therapy dogs and destress. The first two events in the series were on Oct. 1 and 3 and took place in the Dezember House and the Garrett House. 

The puppies were brought to campus by an organization called Paws to Share. The organization is only four months old and was founded by Jamie Goldfarband and Ariana Abend Goldfarband. The two contacted the school to set up a date for the pups to come meet and play withstudents. They have their own dog, Mia, that they bring for students to pet. They also contact other dog owners in an effort to bring new dogs into the organization. They have applications on their website (www.paws-to-share.com) for people to become pet-handlers. They set-up a meeting with the pet-handlersthemselves.

The organization Paws to Share is active on about ten college campuses. They not only have dogs, but they also have cats if requested. They do these Paws and Relax days for senior homes as well as colleges. They want to bring the dogs everywhere that they are not available often. If you go onto their website, you can request personal meet-ups for the pets to just come to you, if that is what the person prefers.

Many students showed up to both events and got to relieve stress with some these pups. Students not only met the pups, but were also able to interact with their owners, who talked about their dogs. Each event had up to six dogs and about 20 students. 

The dogs are there to relieve students’ stress and hopefully bring them joy. “I’m the happiest I’ve been in a while—since school started,” said second-year Amanda Gutierrez.

At the Garrett house, toys and frisbees were brought to play with the pups. The dogs really enjoyed the event as well according to their owners. “Merely watching the dogs play joyfully will, in turn, create a sense of joy within you,” said first-year student Ryan Smith.  “[It is] amazing, I love it,” said first-year Jackie Au. 

    There are two more Paws and Relax events planned for Oct. 18 and Nov. 15 from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. They will both be in the Garrett House .