Sigma Tau Delta Lifts Spirits Up at Open Mic Night

Sigma Tau Delta Lifts Spirits Up at Open Mic Night

Patrice Gomez

Lift Coffee Roasters was crowded with Whittier College students at the open  mic night on Thursday Dec. 30. The event was hosted by the English Honor Society Sigma Tau Delta. Students were able to perform poetry, music, and other types of works. The Open Mic event started at 7 p.m., but students and residents of Whittier were filling the room way before the event started to support friends, family, and the arts. 

Sigma Tau Delta began to promote this event the week before Thanksgiving break, with fliers on campus and multiple promotions on social media. Slowly but surely, students began to sign up as the event came closer. Students were able to sign up online and at the event. Each one of the performers had no limit to how many poems they were able to share. The poems varied in topics such as heartbreaks, stress, coping, and everything in between. The atmosphere was  intimate and supportive to all who  read their poetry.

The event was put together by Sigma Tau Delta’s Presidents, fourth- years Brianna Martinez and Nazarely Navarez. “At first, I was worried that people weren’t going to show up, since the end of the semester is here, but the turnout was amazing,” said Navarez. “It was pretty cool seeing Lift Coffee Roasters packed with avid listeners.”

The Open Mic also encouraged musicians to perform some of their work. At the beginning of the night, most of the performers were nervous to go up and share their words becuase of how full the coffee shop was, but as the night went on,  the supportive vibe of the coffee shop got people out of their comfort zones. Fourth-year Adrian Garcia played with his guitar group, Plasma Dreams.  

A majority of the performers were English majors, but there were also fellow poetry enthusiasts. “I didn’t expect so many people to come out and listen,” said fourth-year Rebecca Grenier. “My favorite part [of the night] was discovering how many of my classmates are secretly great poets and singers.”

The atmosphere was full of poetic prose and Poet pride at Lift Coffee Roasters

The atmosphere was full of poetic prose and Poet pride at Lift Coffee Roasters

Whittier College students came to support their peers at the Open Mic. “I thought the event was a lot of fun. I felt the sense of community that Whittier College is known for,” said third-year Koren Dalipe. “The thing I most appreciated was that it felt very safe and that everyone was welcome and able to perform and speak.”

At the end of the night, performers had a chance  to be in a raffle and win prizes, such as books and an Amazon gift card. Out of the 12 people who performed, three winners were announced.  

Overall, the event was both fun and successful and gave students the ability to express the creativity within them. “My Co-President and I, Nazarely Navarez, were really excited that there was such a large turn out. There were about 15 performers, and even more to watch or support their friends,” said Martinez. “We are really looking forward to hosting another Open Mic in the Spring. We [also] hope to smooth out any kinks that might have happened at this event, and to advertise it more to the general Whittier community. We hope to make this a regular Sigma Tau Delta event.” Sigma Tau Delta will continue to have these Open Mic Nights as well as special guest readers and the annual publishing of the Literary Review in the Spring semester. The English Department hopes that more students and members of the community can have a fun experience with the mic. 

For more information about Sigma Tau Delta and thier upcoming event, check out the newletters in the Department of English Office in Hoover or  you may follow them on Twitter and Instagram @sigmataudeltawc and on thier website,