Patrice Gomez

With New Member Education (NME) coming to a close, Society Convocation is right around the corner. On Saturday, Feb. 25, Whittier College’s 11 societies will fill the Harris Amphitheater to welcome their new members after a full month of NME. This marks the beginning of lifelong friendships for new society members.

This year, the societies have gone through multiple changes to make sure that the new members are safe while being inducted. Due to the changes in administration’s involvement in the NME process, some may wonder how these changes will affect Convocation. 

“Convocation, in my perspective, is a celebratory moment for new members to realize that all their trials and struggles during this month have led to this positive and honestly relieving moment,” said sophomore and Palmer Sopahn Kellogg. “I would say that the New Member Education will not make any changes to how the Society Convocation is done.”

Members of each society are filled with excitement while preparing for this day, and the NME leaders are very proud of their new members. “This pledge class has worked so hard this month and I’m so proud to finally call them sisters,” said junior and Athenian New Member Education leader Hannah Martin.

 Aside from possible changes during the ceremony itself, this year’s convocation will be especially significant because this will be the first time in six year that the Lancer Society will be welcoming new members. “We are all definitely very excited for it,” said sophomore and Lancer new member Manuel Chavez. “With Lancers just coming back, it’s the new members who will be reestablishing this society. We have big plans to bring back the Lancer spirit to this school.”

Another sophomore and Lancer new member Gabriel Viteri is ready to become an official member. “We, as a group [of new members], have excitedly waited until Convocation. This marks the return of an old society that the new members will reestablish, having big plans and hopes to bring the Lancer culture back to Whittier College.”

Many friends, family, and society members will be excited for Saturday’s convocation, when they will see their new members delighted after a month of dedication in exchange for a lifetime of friendship. This is the seed of new beginnings, new friends, and creating new memories in their college experience.