Ty Lopez

A layer of artificial fog shrouded Whittier College students as they filed into the block party entitled MET Decent put on by the Metaphonian Society on Friday, April 1. Hosted in the Upper Quad, the event was lit — both figuratively and literally, with laser lights illuminating the dance floor. Purple miniature frisbees were flung through the night sky, dangerous pieces of plastic adding to the excitement of the party atmosphere. Featuring Power 106 and REM DJ’s Feld Scar and Dystro, MET Decent offered a decent environment for students (and our favorite lunch lady) to have a good time.

Some individuals were concerned about the publicizing of the event leading up to Friday. “I feel like there wasn’t enough time. I didn’t even know [MET Decent] was happening until the night of,” sophomore Raymond Enriquez said. Efforts to raise awareness of the block party by the Metaphonian Society had occurred throughout the week, both through social media and on-campus outlets. While turn-out appeared a little lower than expected by students, once at the block party, the energy won out for the attendees.

The Metaphonians, however, were pleased with the way that their event played out. “Honestly it’s a pretty good turnout,” senior Metaphonian member Marissa Reeves said. “It looks like people are dancing and having a good time. It’s pretty awesome.”

However, dancing was only one of the many options students could choose to partake in at MET Decent. A busy photo-booth situated on the outskirts of the event allowed groups to document their night together. A plethora of food options were available, with pizza and cotton candy offered at two separate stands for students to snack on after taking their pictures. The Mets also had staff members manning a snow cone station — a cool remedy after sweating it out on the dance floor. Even better still, the block party became something of a quasi-carnival, with face painting, ring toss, skee ball and an inflatable basketball court set up alongside the perimeter.

“I think ring toss and basketball are the best,” junior Ariella Greene said. “They’re the most engaging and you get to go against people.” Students could compete against one another in each of the games for prizes. Blow horns, key chains, candy and miniature frisbees were some of the incentives used to get Whittier College students to test their skills against one another. “The bounce house basketball game was my favorite,” senior Omar Macias agreed, having won himself a purple frisbee as a prize. “Nothing worthwhile is ever easy and nothing easy is ever worthwhile,” he added sagely.

“I thought the party was great. The dancing was really fun,” first-year Malory Henry said. “I did get hit with a lot of Frisbees, though.”