Jesse Gonzalez 

For the QC

 It’s time for Dodgers baseball! The Los Angeles Dodgers faced the Colorado Rockies on Sept. 8. With help from the members of Program Board and the Leadership Experience and Programs (LEAP) Office, 50 Whittier College students were able to experience the game at Dodger Stadium. Although the playoffs for Major League Baseball do not start until October, there sure was playoff atmosphere written all over this game. Both Whittier students and 53,632 Dodger fans made a regular season game feel like the first of an National League Division series. As if attending the game was not enough, the Poets had all-you-can-eat access for sitting in the Right Field pavilion. Students feasted on Dodger Dogs, nachos, peanuts, popcorn, and soda until the end of the seventh inning. “I lost count after three,” said second-year student Brandon Mai. Those who attended Friday’s game received a promotional giveaway as they entered the gates. Cody Bellinger, a rookie star for the Dodgers who leads the team in home runs (36) and runs batted in (83) had his own bobblehead night. Lastly, a firework show ended the exciting night with ‘80s music playing in the background, all for the total cost of $25.00.  “You couldn’t ask for a better way to spend your Friday night! I’d rather spend it watching my team play, and hangout with my friends,” Mai said. 

Overall, it seemed the event had good results. While some students and administrators were upset the Dodgers lost, everyone still enjoyed their experience at the game. “The experience was pretty cool. Watching everyone be happy being around friends and watching the game was really nice,” said second-year student Jared Welch. Dean of Students Joel Perez said “It was a lot of fun hanging out with students watching a good baseball game... It’s always great watching students enjoy themselves; making sure that our budget goes towards helping them have a good time and enjoy the experiences in Los Angeles.” 

Bringing the students together to experience events like these is why Whittier College has “Community” as one of the 4Cs under their curriculum context. Being able to go to an event with people from class and get to know each other can lead to lifelong friendships. One person could never organize an event like this. Ever heard of the phrase “teamwork makes the dream work?” Both the LEAP Office and Program Board organized this event, “ “We were heavily advised by Keelan Bettridge, who is the former Program Board Director, and Debbie Allison, who works in LEAP as the Director of Student Engagement,” said Lizzie Wirtz. Organizing events like these take a lot of time. “We’ve met for hours over the summer just trying to finalize dates, buses, ticket prices, also have to consider marketing and working with the different committees,” said Writz. “Tickets were about $75 dollars each. We were able to use student funds and funding from the Dean of Students and other resources to get the tickets down to $25,” said Wirtz. With classes already in session, Welcome Week is where programs such as LEAP and Program Board planned activities such as movie night screenings and Mario Kart racing—both within the first week of school starting. These events all led up to the Dodger Stadium event. “We wanted to welcome students back, give fun events for students to do with others, and kick off the school year with a bang.” said Program Board Director Isabella Zonni. Expect more events similar to the baseball game here soon. For future events, be sure to check out your poet emails or look for a Flyer for events you surely will not want to miss out on.