Society Spotlight: Athenian Edition

Society Spotlight: Athenian Edition

Since Societies are a major topic during the Fall semester, I thought it would be important to highlight some of the reasons why different Society members chose the Societies they did, and what they have gained from being a part of a Society. Kicking things off with the Athenian society

Iyesha Ferguson

Staff Writer

‘“Becoming an A has given me more of a sense of independence and confidence that I would have never achieved if I didn’t join such a strong group of inspiring women. When I was looking into Societies, there was something about the ladies of the Athenian society that gave me a warm feeling in my heart, and every time I would hang out with them or see them around campus, I felt empowered to be myself, work hard, and enjoy the time I have with my sisters now.”

— Meghan Pistolesi ‘19

Fourth year Meghan Pistolesi pledged into the Athenian Society in the Spring of 2016 as a first-year.

“Being a part of the Athenian Society will be one of my fondest memories from college. I had no idea what an impact my sisters would have on my Whittier College experience. I wanted to be involved in a program that emphasized service to the community, sisterhood, and scholarship. I am so happy that I chose to join this illustrious group of women, and I cannot wait to see who we welcome into the society next semester.”

— Alyssa Klinzing ‘19

Fourth year Alyssa Klinzing pledged into the Athenian Society in the Spring of 2018 also as a first-year.

“The lAdies of the Athenian Society are a distinguished group of women whose activities emphasize sisterhood, social events, service to the community, and scholarship. Members are involved in a wide array of activities on and off campus and share the common strong bond of sisterhood.”

-the official Athenian biography from

To learn more about the Athenian Society you are welcome to attend any of the events below: 

Oct. 3 — Open House: Meet in front of Wardman Gym at 6 p.m.

Oct. 3 — Fundraiser at Yogurtland

Oct. 10 — Fundraiser at Auntie’s Cafe

Oct. 17 — “Pop Up Shop” Fundraiser  (location TBA)

Oct. 22 — Fundraiser at  Tacos & Miches

Nov. 9 — Rush ­(location TBA)