Society Spotlight: Palmer Edition

Iyesha Ferguson


With Rush season upon us, Whittier College students gear up to get to know more about Societies. Contrary to other schools, this is not when you have to make your decision, and many people go into the event unsure about what they want. Rush is simply a low-commitment, fun day of activities designed for everyone to get to know each other.  A Society is composed of many facets, and their alumni base is an important one. 

In the Palmer Society’s official statement on the Whittier College website, “The purpose of this Society is to attain the highest ideals of American womanhood by promoting a spirit of friendship and cooperation, developing aesthetic appreciation in ourselves and others, giving service to the community, remaining loyal to one another and to ourselves, and striving to maintain high academic standards.”

Third-year Nayelli Reyes pledged into the Palmer Society in the Spring of 2018. When asked why she chose to join the Palmer Society she said, “I decided to choose the Palmers because I related and connected with many of the Actives. I felt kind of at home. They shared many of the values that I also agree with. As a Palmer, I feel like I am busier than ever, but I learned how to plan and time manage as well as having some down time with my sisters.”

Third-year Danielle Gutierrez  pledged into the Palmer Society in the Spring of 2018. When asked what the Palmer Society has done for her, she said, “The Palmer Society has instilled a refreshing sense of self confidence into my mindset that helps me maintain a positive and determined attitude nearly everyday. I chose to be a Palmer because I felt the immense amount of support and compassion that this sisterhood has to offer. My Palmer adventure didn’t begin until my [second] year because I wanted to use my first year to adjust to college life. The following year, I was ready to explore the awesome societies we have here at Whittier, and the Palmers were who I saw myself most comfortable with.”

Second-year Michelle Nguyen pledged into the Palmer Society in the Spring of 2018 as well. When asked why she chose to join the Palmer Society, she said, “I chose the Palmers because I believe in what we stand for, and I am honored to be a Palmer. The Palmer Society has helped me grow individually as a person as well as grow together with a large group of people.”