Society Spotlight

Iyesha Ferguson


As bids have already come to a close, you have already had to make a decision on which society you’d like to be a part of – if you wish to be a part of a society at all. People join for different reasons, and the outcomes are different for each person. 

Thalian Society

“The Thalian Society is composed of a large and diverse group of women who share a sisterhood and an everlasting bond of friendship. Each individual woman has something unique to bring to the society. ‘Chance made us sisters. Hearts made us friends.’”

-Whittier College website 

Fourth-year Elena Troche entered into the Thalian Society in the Spring of 2016. When asked how the Thalians (Ts) have helped her grow, she said, “The Ts have helped me learn about myself and how to work with a diverse group of women, as well as given me lifetime of sisterhood. It may sound corny, but it’s absolutely true. I knew I wanted to be a T after their open house event my [first] year. I was completely drawn to how connected and bonded everyone in that room was.”

Fourth-year Tyler Egans entered into the Thalian Society in the Spring of 2018. When asked why she chose to be a T, she said, “I chose to be a T because I felt like I could fully be myself. The Ts felt like home. Although my physical home is near, the Ts have become a home I choose to be part of. Being a T has filled a place in my heart that I didn’t know was missing.  This has been a sisterhood like no other; one that has taught me to be not afraid because my sisters are always there to help me see things through and to love wholeheartedly and unconditionally.”

An important aspect of societies is the relationship with one’s sibling society. The Thalian Society and the William Penn Society are siblings, and share a common bond of sister-brotherhood.

William Penn Society

“The William Penn Society is an organization made up of individuals with many different talents, backgrounds, and personalities. The Penns encourage diversity and believe in strength through diversity. The Society provides opportunities for service and for social and personal growth.”

-Whittier College website 

Fourth-year Detrick Manning and Associated Students of Whittier College (ASWC) President chose the William Penn Society in the Spring of 2016. When asked why he became a Penn, he said,  “[Choosing] the William Penn Society has been one of the best decisions I’ve been able to make. Not only did I [get to be in] a brotherhood of incredible men, but I also was able to learn and grow as a person, with a strong set of morals, values, and a passion to help those around me. As Penns, we recognize that it’s our differences that make us stronger, and I think that’s what makes us so unique from other fraternities or even societies. We have brothers with wildly different experiences and backgrounds, yet we are so close because of these differences. Being a Penn has also helped me to develop my professional as well as interpersonal skills. My [New Member Education] and becoming a Penn truly made me into a more confident person . . .”

Fourth-year Aaron Machado entered into the William Penn Society in the Spring of 2016. When asked why he chose the William Penn Society, he said, “I chose to be a Penn because I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself, and I found that in the William Penn Society. Every Society has a strong brotherhood or sisterhood, but it’s about which one is the best fit for you. I saw myself not only fitting in with the William Penn Society, but calling each individual my brother and being able to lean on them as a support system. Since [New Member Education], the William Penn Society has given me individuals that I consider to be my actual brothers. The relationships that I have formed with my brothers will be lifelong, and I will forever be thankful that they are in my life. Being in the Society as a whole has transformed my [first] year self into an independent and mature individual, ultimately making me into the man I am today.”