Auntie's Makes English Their Cup of Tea

Patrice Gomez


Yesterday, on Feb. 14, the English Honors Society Sigma Tau Delta held its second Poem on a Mug Contest celebration on the Hoover  Hall Patio. In collaboration with Auntie’s Bakery and Cafe, a new brunch-style restaurant in Uptown, students were allowed to submit two poems of their own for the contest. Both the first, second, and third place winners and  the honorable mentions were announced on Feb. 1. The winners of the contest were all second-year students, with Mei Mei Liu winning first, Amy Trinh winning second, and C.J. Esparza winning third.

“It’s quite an honor,” said 3rd place winner Esparza. She continues, “To be able to tell [my sister] that she was an award-winning muse, was one of the proudest moments of my life. I hope I can express to Auntie’s what they’ve done for me.” 

Both winners and honorable mentions received a copy of their mugs and a cash prize. For those who did not win first, second, or third awards, they also received a mug printed with their poem on it. Many students were excited to see the display of mugs showcasing students’ work,  as well as the coffee and pastries provided by Auntie’s. 

Though the turnout for the ceremony was small, Sigma Tau Delta was pleased with how the event went. “I’m happy with the amount of students that gathered around the ceremony,” said co-president of Sigma Tau Delta and fourth-year Nazarely Narvaez. “Many of them were just curious about the event. It was nice to see the winners read their poems and receive their awards.”

The Poem on a Mug Contest is just one of the events that the English Honors Society at Whittier have planned for the Spring semester. There will be more opportunities to submit your  literary work in the next few weeks for the Sigma Tau Delta Literary Review and the Poetry/Prose Writing Contest, put on by the English Department. 

For both of these upcoming opportunities, students are able to submit their poems, prose, and scholarly essays for prizes, too. All submissions to the Review and the Poetry/Prose Writing Contest will be due on March 8 on the submittable website linked in a Student-L email, or in person in the English and History Department office in Hoover 210.

In the meantime, if you would like to see your winning mug or a friend’s, head on over to Auntie’s Bakery and Cafe in Uptown for a quick bite and an exciting read. If you would like to see more of Sigma Tau Delta around campus, be sure to attend their Open Mic Night at Lift Coffee this week in Uptown. See the article below for more information about this event, and  make sure to check out Page 9 to read the award-winning poems!