FEMCO Promotes Pin-tastic Fundraiser for Good Cause

Alessandra Roggero

WC’s Feminist Coalition has a variety of cute and creative pins to sell on campus for a good cause. 

WC’s Feminist Coalition has a variety of cute and creative pins to sell on campus for a good cause. 


For the past two years, Whittier College’s Feminist Coalition (FEMCO) has been organizing a Planned Parenthood fundraiser every Spring. This year, the fundraiser is back by popular demand (and early, too)!

FEMCO has a close connection to Planned Parenthood. “Planned Parenthood is something that affects primarily women, but also literally anybody ... it’s one of the places where funding has been lost first,” said Vice President of FEMCO fourth-year Rebecca Grenier. This is precisely  why  FEMCO chooses to donate the funds they get from the fundraiser directly to Planned Parenthood. 

FEMCO also gets to choose which Planned Parenthood location they donate to. “Whittier is, I would say, lucky. We have good placement in that we have a clinic right in Uptown, so we always designate that the funds go there. Doing it this way [ensures] that we can sort of do our part in that we’re engaging in the larger political system and the larger system of insuring people have care, very basic care, and that it can go back to our community. There’s a branch that affects us,” said Grenier.

The Planned Parenthood location that Grenier refers to is on Greenleaf Avenue and Walnut Street. Since the fundraiser’s foundation, FEMCO has been able to donate almost $300 dollars from last year and around $250 from the year before that.

 The fundraiser has a huge impact that connects the campus to the community.  “Members that have graduated already will come back and sort of help in the pin-making process ... The members who do not always have time to come [to the meetings] every single week can come and contribute, and it’s all of us just sort of doodling and creating our own original art, essentially. It’s a way to both get to hang out with friends and do something therapeutic, but also help a good cause,” said Grenier.

 Though FEMCO has already put on their pin-making session in preparation for Thursday’s event, Grenier hopes that this Thursday will not be the only time FEMCO sells their creations this semester. 

If you are interested in the sort of good praxis that comes with pin-making with FEMCO and fundraising for Planned Parenthood at the same time, make sure to follow their Instagram and Facebook pages @wcfeministcoalation to find out when they will be making more to sell. 

FEMCO will be at the Campus Center on Thursday, Feb. 8 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m, selling their cute creations for a good cause and  answering any questions one might have about upcoming events and programming. So, bring your couch change! And, as always, FEMCO meets every other Monday this semester, from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. in Garrett House, starting Feb. 12.