VIP Puts the V in Vagina Monologues

Patrice Gomez


Club 88 was filled with members of the Poet community to hear the voices of students performing the Vagina Monologues, also known as V Day on Wednesday, Feb 28. This event was created by the playwright Eve Ensler: she created a variety of monologues based on interviews of other women. WC’s Vagina Monologues had various performances that discussed sexuality, womanhood, harassment, and empowerment.  In addition, the event was also meant to raise awareness about violence against women and girls. The Violence and Intervention Prevention (VIP) club has planned to donate all proceeds from the event to Project Sister Services and  Spotlight Campaign: The Resistance. For more information on the VIP Club and what else they’re doing on campus, make sure to follow their Instagram account @wc_vip_club.