Earth Day Fair: poets save the planet

Earth Day Fair: poets save the planet

Leah Boynton



Poets gathered in the Campus Courtyard to exchange clothes, sign petitions, win succulents, and learn about ways that they can help the Earth. The Earth Day Fair brought together students from all class years and from many different areas of campus to celebrate the planet. 

First-year Bergen Flom put together the event with the help of the Office of Equity and Inclusion. She brought together the Sustainability Club and the Food Recovery Network to bring raise awareness of small ways Poets can help to save the planet. 

“On this campus, I see a lot of clubs doing cool things, but they’re put into these separate pockets, when really we could put these clubs together and do cool stuff,” said Flom. “We all came together and brought in the different things that we’ve been doing and working for. It was a lot of collaboration.” The event focused on the small ways that everyone can be more conscious of the impact we have on the Earth. 

The Sustainability Club gave students the opportunity to guess how many dead batteries they collected around campus to recycle. One person ith the closest guess to the actual number won a Hydroflask. The club also wants to eliminate all plastic straws in the Campus Inn (CI) and asked students to sign a petition against them. 

Flom wanted students to find small ways they can help to planet. “I really tried to focus on the attainable things you can do in your everyday life to help the Earth and to not have it be this really daunting task,” said Flom. “Let’s start with smaller steps that can help something bigger.” 

Third-year Kelsey Sherman won a succulent at the Food Recovery Network’s table after learning more about Earth Day and taking a quiz. “[The event] was very informative because, instead of just telling us about things, they gave away prizes … I thought it was a very fun way of addressing Earth Day issues to the population of the school,” said Sherman. 

“Celebrating Earth Day is really important because it doesn’t matter where you’re from … we all come from the Earth. We all rely on the Earth to give us life,” said second -year Spencer VanDerStarren. “So, together we can all protect it.” The Sustainability Club meets every Wednesday at 7 p.m. and is always looking for new members. 

Justina Chock from the Food Recovery Network helped to educate the public at the event. The Food Recovery Network is also having a fundraiser at Uptown Frozen Yogurt on April 25. “It’s so easy to forget what the Earth does for us. So many things we do everyday are hurting the Earth, especially wasting food,” said Chock. “Every day should be Earth Day.”