What’s up in Whittier: A locals guide to the surrounding area

What’s up in Whittier: A locals guide to the surrounding area

Autumn Dixon


Are you new to Whittier? Were you raised in a nearby area, but are looking for new places to spend your college life? Thankfully, Whittier is surrounded by big cities with many must visit locations. This list will tell you all the best spots, from where to get the best iced coffee to the best beach to hit up during spring break. Enjoy! 

Best Beach

Located only 35 miles from campus, Santa Monica offers many more activities than any other local beaches. The Santa Monica pier is home to Pacific Park, which offers the Pacific Wheel, Seaside Swing, Pacific Plunge, and various other rides. An arcade and multiple restaurants can also be found on the Pier, so it’s no wonder why the iconic “Let’s Get Crazy” scene from Hannah Montana: The Movie was filmed there.

Best Iced Coffee

Only a ten minute walk from campus, Winchell’s Donuts can be found off Hadley Street. Open 24 hours with free WiFi, Winchell’s is the perfect place to grab an iced coffee and a donut, and start studying! Or, if you’re going to explore Uptown, grab a bite to eat while walking around.

Best Late Night Diner

Jack’s Whittier Restaurant is located a mile away from the College, and open until midnight. Jack’s is the perfect place for late-night dinners; serving anything from strawberry waffles to a bucket o’ chicken fit to feed 40. Open since 1933, Jack’s small town diner history and friendly staff make the restaurant a staple of Whittier. 

Amusement Park:  

Knott’s Berry Farm is 13 miles away from campus and roller coasters for all levels of thrill seekers. Knott’s also rebrands themselves for the holiday seasons, with special events such as Knott’s Scary Farm for Halloween, and Knott’s Merry Farm for Christmas. From attractions to funnel cakes to seasonal ghosts, there’s something for everyone.

Group Outing:

 If you’re planning an outing with a group of five or more, an escape room can be a different and exciting thing to try out! The Red Lantern Escape Room, 10 miles away from the College, sets up the story of five high school students who died in a school fire. Your group is responsible for solving mysteries relating to the ghosts’ unfinished business in order to set them free. Set all five free within an hour’s time, lest your group be haunted for all eternity!

Sporting Events

Southern California is home to many professional sporting teams, including, but not limited to, the Dodgers, Lakers, Rams, Galaxy, and the Ducks. While it can be daunting to choose from so many different stadiums, all of these are within 22 miles of campus, so pick your favorite sport and watch a local game!


Movie Theater:

 Uptown Whittier is home to Starlight Cinemas, only a ten minute walk from the College. Tuesdays and Thursdays are bargain days, with $6 admission to movies, and $8 for 3D movies. Also, once you leave the historic theatre, there are plenty of beautiful to walk around!