Your new home away from home

Ky Watnick


While all incoming students have their own list of anxieties regarding the start of school, those coming from out-of-state have a stress all their own. In an effort to calm those butterflies in your stomach, try out a few of these tips and tricks to make Whittier feel like home:

First and foremost, your dorm must feel like it is really yours. Make your bed with all your blankets and pillows. Put up those posters, pictures, and paintings. Hang up your clothes. Bring out all your essential  knick-knacks. With a little personalization, your dorm will start to feel like home to you in no time.

Second, it is time to build your social circle. Whether or not you consider yourself extroverted, you will feel better once you make your first friend. If you are not the type to just sit down at a random table in the Campus Inn and start talking away, try getting a job on campus (like here at the QC!), joining one of the many clubs or societies, or looking for a study group in one of your classes. Building a friend group is vital to immersing yourself in the WC experience.

Next, go out and experience the world around you. California is a wondrous state, and Whittier has many interesting places to explore. There are events on and off campus for you to enjoy. Whether you want to go to one of the College’s many welcoming activities or head to Los Angeles for a concert at the Hollywood Bowl, there is something for everyone here. Making new memories can distract from melancholy thoughts and ward off any homesickness. 

Finally, check some California classics off of your bucket list. The most obvious suggestion no matter where you are from is to find the nearest In-N-Out (which is located just 12 minutes away at Whittier Boulevard and San Gabriel Place), as it is a fast-food chain founded in the Golden State. Then, you should plan a trip to the beach--or just go now. Just listening to those ocean waves hitting the sand can calm you down and make you ready to take on the world. Lastly, make sure you make your way to a boba shop for some bubble tea and follow it up with sushi. Embrace the California culture.

If all else fails and you find yourself missing home, call your loved ones. They appreciate hearing from you and can give you that personal advice that you need to make it through the first few weeks away. Remember that there was a reason you chose Whittier to be your home away from home. Welcome to the College, and remember: Go Poets!