Society Spotlight: why I chose to be a ______

Society Spotlight: why I chose to be a ______

Iyesha Ferguson


The reasons behind why an individual joins a society are just as unique as the individual. Each society offers something different, and it varies depending on what you as an individual are looking for.

I spoke with someone from each society to get their personal reasons on why they joined the society they did, and here is what they said:

Third-year Makayla Fredrick pledged into the Ionian Society in the Spring of 2018. When asked why she chose the Ionian Society, she said, “Saying I chose to be an Ionian simply because it felt right is an understatement. My reasoning behind wanting to be an Ionian isn’t as solid as ice, but instead fluid like a river. I wanted to be a member of an organization as rich in history and as diverse as the Ionians. Growing up as the only child my age in a male-dominated family, I didn’t have very many female role models, aside from my mother. Now, I have too many to count on one hand. It’s a commonly-known fact that you can’t pick your family, but I chose these women to become my family away from my family, and I continue to choose these women.”

Fourth-year Kieran Delceppo pledged into the Orthogonian Society in the Spring of 2016 because “that is where I felt the most at home. It is being with guys that want the best for you and have no problem shooting you straight.”

Fourth-year Jack Sinanian pledged into the William Penn Society in the Spring of 2016 . He said, “I chose to be a Penn because I wanted to be apart of a special group of people who wanted to be better versions of themselves everyday. I felt that if I could surround myself with a group of guys who wanted to achieve new heights for themselves and reach their goals, then they could help me just like I could help them and that I could emerge as a leader.”

Second-year Tom Santos chose to pledge into the Franklin Society in the spring of 2018, “because having met the members and getting to know them more, I felt like I could really relate with them and trust them.”

Third-year Genesis Gil pledged into the Metaphonian Society in the Spring of 2017. When asked her reasons for choosing to become a Met, she said, “Within the Metaphonian society I found a community of empowering women that I wanted to be a part of. They were so welcoming, and made my first semester of college memorable. When I was elected as [First-Year Class Council] president, they all texted me and congratulated me, and that kind of support was a reason why I chose to be a Met. Alongside that, they were always greeting me with smiles on campus and asking me how I’m doing. Their bonds as sisters was evidently strong, and I wanted to share that with them as well.”

Fourth-year Kindall Yeung pledged into the Thalian Society in the Spring of 2016 because of her previous relationship with the actives at the time. “I chose to be a Thalian because I knew, through meeting many of them and spending a lot of time with them, that they were my kind of people. We’re one of the most diverse groups on campus, and I loved that. I could see in the way they interacted that they had respect for each other, provided support for one another, and had a great relationship with their alumnae and with other societies on campus.”

Third-year Analis Hetter pledged into the Athenian Society in the Spring of 2018 after seeing how much the Athenian ladies motivated her. Hetter further explained, “I chose to surround myself with women that empowered me. I chose to build relationships with young women who motivated me and influenced me to become a better, stronger version of myself. I chose this sisterhood because of the mutual unconditional love that my sistAs offer. My sisters hold each other accountable to a higher standard and work unbelievably hard to live in harmony with everything they set their mind to. My sisters are the reason why I became an Athenian.”

Fourth-year Bryan Gutierrez pledged into the Lancer Society in the Spring of 2018 and said, “I chose to be a Lancer because I knew it would allow for my friendship with the guys already in the society to grow even stronger. I was always close to Lancer members before I joined, and they did a great job explaining how our friendship would turn into a brotherhood that would never be broken. Also, I was the oldest sibling growing up, so I wanted a “big brother” to give me advice on school, relationships, and life in general.”

Fourth-year Kelsey Sherman pledged into the Palmer Society in the Spring of 2017. Sherman said, “I chose to be a Palmer for multiple reasons. I wanted to find a new group of friends. I wanted connections. But I chose the Palmers because they were kind, they laughed at all my corny jokes, and they seemed to want to spend time with me. The Palmers reached out to me, went around my schedule to hang out with me, and were open to new ideas. Overall, I chose the Palmers because they were the best fit for me, and I knew that they would be able to give me the support I was looking for.”

These are just some of the reasons why some people join a society. Societies offer you a variety of different things from a chance to gain leadership skills all the way to having a home away from home. If you are hesitant on what a society can offer you, start by thinking about what you can offer a society. Come check out the different societies and organizations on campus with an open mind at the Student Activities Fair on Sept. 25 from 4:30 – 6:00 p.m. on the North Lawn.