Welcome to Wardman Library

Welcome to Wardman Library

Ky Watnick


With the school year just starting up, it is time to get familiar with one of the greatest resources on campus: the Bonnie Bell Wardman Library. There are so many life-saving services that the library provides to Whittier students, connected campuses, and visitors alike. In case you have never set foot in our beautiful library, it is the three-story, window-laden building located above the Center for Advising and Academic Success (CAAS). The entrance is just opposite Platner Hall.

Upon entering the library, you will find trophy cases lining two walls, which have differing displays throughout the year. There is also a wall for flyers to the left. Next to the elevator, there are two glass double doors that allow entrance into the main library. After 6:00 p.m. on weekdays and all day on weekends, the library doors require a Whittier I.D. card to enter. Just swipe your card over the sensor on the left wall, and, voila!, the door will swing open. If you are without I.D., simply use the button beside the sensor to activate the intercom system and request to be let in. All patrons must present photo I.D. and sign in at the large front desk.

The large desk  at the front of the library— known as the circulation desk — is where students can check out and return books and rent study rooms. The helpful Library Student Assistants (LSAs) can answer questions about looking up books, printing, and even special events announced throughout the semester, like readings from authors and de-stressing activities during finals. The LSAs are there to help. Additionally, it is easy to find a needed book because the library’s current collection can also be found online.

To look up books online, students can use the library  website: library.whittier.edu It is a simple search engine that can be used to find books and movies using titles, authors, keywords, and other details. The site will also let you know whether what you were searching for is available for check out or even offered at our library. If it cannot be found at the Wardman Library, you can also use the green icon labelled Link+ to search libraries that are connected to our own; these books, when ordered, will arrive within a business week and can be picked up at the circulation desk.

Besides books, the library offers academic journals, which can be found on the first floor in the metal shelves by the couches and chairs near the television set, and periodicals, which are displayed on a metal rack across from the printers and next to the staircase. Both the journals and periodicals are kept up-to-date, and the older issues are collected on bookshelves on the top floor of the library. 

The library also offers computers to students that can be used at any time. They are equipped with most programs you may need for your classes. No reservation needed — just come in and sit at any vacant space. However, make sure that any food or drink is stored safely away. While it is okay to eat and drink in the library, it is not allowed near the computers. 

There are a few ways to print at the Wardman Library. You can print directly from a flash drive, from a Wardman Library computer, or from a computer connected to the Whittier College internet using print.whittier.edu. Printing requires your my.whittier sign-in, but if you have your I.D., a simple wave over the sensor at the print release center or the printer itself will log you in. All printing money comes from a library fund and at no extra cost to students. Each student is allotted $75.00 per semester. Black and white pages cost 10 cents each and color pages are 25 cents. However, if your account reaches $0, you will have to meet with a librarian in order to discuss the possibility of having your account replenished.

Last and most importantly, the library is a place to study. There are many open tables, chairs, and couches where students can study on every floor. However, it should be noted that the floors become more quiet the further up you go. On the first floor, regular talking is allowed and encouraged, as it is spaciously designed around being a collaborative space. The second floor requires you to lower your voice to a whisper and keep chatting to a minimum. It follows, then, that the third floor should be so silent that a heavy breath from climbing the stairs seems like a holler. Additionally, there are study rooms that can be checked out for four hours at a time at the circulation desk — the details of the room are listed on the placards as are the rules for checking them out and reserving them in advance, which can be done on whittier.libcal.com/spaces. As with everything, all they ask is for respect.

The library offers a plethora of helpful resources. They have specialized librarians to help with everything from Moodle to finding the right Los Angeles Times, LSAs to simplify the seemingly-daunting printing process, computers for working, study rooms for groups, and even a water dispenser for bottles. There is no reason to shy away from the Wardman Library in all its helpful glory.