Society Spotlight: Recruitment

Iyesha Ferguson


The Fall semester hails new beginnings both academically and socially. Whittier College boasts 90 student organizations, with Societies being 10 of those. You may see a variety of Society members with their colors and insignias, gathering at the Rock on their designated days. 

Here are some tips and tricks for those who are interested in joining a Society:

Keep an open mind. Try to attend all Society events rather than only the one for the Society you think you would like to join.  

Branch out. A Society may fit you but not your friend group. Joining a Society does not restrict your friendships with people outside your Society. 

Do not let one member be the determining factor. Do not base your decision on one Society member that you have a relationship with.  A Society involves multiple people from Actives (current Society members) all the way to Alumni, they are all simply a piece of a larger organization. 

Be yourself. The only way to know if a Society fits you is if you are being you. 

Do not be discouraged if you do not find your fit with a society. Society life is not for everyone and that is okay. Whittier offers 90 clubs and organizations, you are sure to find your fit and even if you do not you can always create your own club/organization

All active Societies host a variety of events throughout the Fall semester including Open House and Rush. 

There is also the Student Activities Fair on Sept. 25 4:30 ­­­­­­­­­­­– 6:30 p.m. on the North Lawn for those interested in the clubs and organizations on campus.  

Active Society Open House Dates:

Athenian Society: Oct. 3

Thalian Society: Oct. 4

William Penn Society: Oct. 4

Ionian Society: Oct. 5

Lancer Society: Oct. 5

Metaphonian Society: Oct. 8

Franklin Society: Oct. 9 

Palmer Society: Oct. 9

Orthogonian Society: Oct. 17