Yoga in Uptown becoming a Local Fixture

Jackie Au 


Nestled on the peaceful corner of Bright Avenue and Bailey Street in Uptown Whittier, Local Fixture brings out the best of Uptown. In a statement from their website, Local Fixture can be described as “a family of Whittier locals who designed and curated an experience around the things we love. For us, it’s all about community, good coffee, and sharing our appreciation for fine goods. Come see for yourself and pay us a visit the next time you’re Uptown.” This indeed rings true. 

From their impressive selection of popular clothing brands such as Patagonia, Herschel, Stance, to their adorable baby clothes and assorted decorations, Local Fixture is a must-go destination in Uptown Whittier. Local Fixture not only serves as a must-see shopping destination, it also has a fully stocked coffee bar, serving organic coffee throughout the day. In addition to their amazing inventory and great coffee, Local Fixture hosts Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Whittier College students are given a special discounted price of $10 a class, and yoga mats are available to rent.

 Taught by Yogi Michelle, the Vinyasa Flow class focuses on a full body workout through guided stretching and breathwork. Recently, I attended one of these classes with two of my teammates. Second-year Keylee Leong, said, “It was definitely worth the $10. As an athlete, it’s really important to take care of my body, and I think yoga is something that all athletes should look into. It really makes you take time to stretch your muscles that you oftentimes overlook.” 

The yoga classes are taught in the event space in the back of the store. The space, with raised beam ceilings and a candlelit ambience, allows participants to feel at one with their environment and truly immerse themselves in the practice of yoga. The class is open to all, and even the most inflexible individuals (like myself) are able to keep up and reap the benefits of the class. 

The class is one hour in duration and takes you through the meditative and physical benefits of yoga. Participants may focus on core work and poses that activate the core muscles, while another class may focus on the lower body aspect of yoga. In the class that I attended, Michelle took us through a flow that focuses on core work. Although the class is not a part of “hot yoga,” where rooms are heated to high temperature, the temperature of the event space was warm, and everyone in attendance was dripping with sweat. This, however, was a good thing. The heat allowed our muscles to warm, and therefore, it assisted in the practice and the workout. 

Local Fixture is a staple in the Uptown Whittier shopping experience and, for students, the yoga classes are both affordable and incredibly enjoyable. Be sure to visit to reserve your spot in the class. 

Classes are taught at 9:00 a.m. every Saturday and 6:30 p.m. every Wednesday.