Society Spotlight: tips for new Society members

Iyesha Ferguson 


Now that you are a week into being a Society member, it is time to dive into the privileges and responsibilities that come with being in a society. One of the major perks and obligations as a Society member is the ability to hold a chair within your respective Society. All Societies are different but, as a new member, take your first couple of weeks as an active to shadow the different responsibilities that you may be interested in. Ask the current holders of the chair, and get more information about the position. 

This brings me to my next point: ask questions! Whether it is about a chair or something that happened in a meeting, ask one of the actives who hass been around longer for clarification, details, and significance. This allows you to get more comfortable as a new member. 

Next, talk to alumni. Alumni have so much knowledge, and to top it off, they want to get to know the actives. Reach out and get to know them. It’ll solidify a strong relationship with all the members of your Society. 

Lastly, hang out with the actives outside of your new member education (NME) class. It’s really important to break down that wall after the NME period and get to know the actives for who they are. It’ll help you appreciate your membership in a Society more. 

As you continue to navigate your way through the rest of your first semester as a new member, you will begin to form new bonds and relationships with the other members, reminding you why you decided to join in the first place and giving you more reasons to love it.