Watch yourself, watch Us

Nathan Tolfa


To vastly oversimplify Jordan Peele’s sophomore directorial effort, Us is a film about: community — who is accepted and who is othered; communication or lack thereof; cultural perspectives, understanding that different societies may have different values; and connections, with family and society. In other words, with a lot of stretching, Us can thematically fit around all four C’s of the College’s curriculum, making it, in this writer’s opinion, an ideal choice for a Program Board sponsored screening.

Program Board’s Music and Film Committee, hosted a screening of Us at 6:30 p.m. on March 26. “They try to do at least one to two movie screenings each semester,” said Program Board Director Jessica Hernandez. “We thought [Us] would be a good [film to choose] because it’s really popular right now and a lot of people wanted to see it.”

One of these people was first-year Will Johnson, who was excited to see Peele’s latest project. “I really wanted to see this new Jordan Peele movie, especially after his last one; it was really terrific,” said Johnson. “I love Get Out [Peele’s directorial debut]. It was great — one of the best movies of the year.”

The screening was largely successful, with 63 students signing up, filling the theater to capacity. “I think it was the movie that kind of drew people in,” said Hernandez. “Previously, we weren’t as successful, but I think it was the particular movie that really made people wanna come out for it.”

According to CNN, Us made over $70 million on it’s opening weekend, making it the second highest opening of the year. Us tells the story of the Wilson family who, while on vacation in Santa Cruz, are threatened by a family that looks just like them, only creepier. What starts as a home invasion film gradually expands into something of much larger scope. The film cannot be faulted for its ambition, though  its plot twist may throw off audience members who cannot accept it’s logically flimsy, though emotionally poignant, third act. 

Audiences looking for more thrills and slightly less chills can sign up on OrgSync for the April 3 screening of Dumbo sponsored by Program Board, WCTheRock and the First-year Class Council.

“Program Board’s always open to suggestions of what people want us to put on,” said Hernandez. “If there’s something else that people want to see, they can always feel free to reach out to us, or come to our meetings and see what we have going on, and give us their input.”

Photos courtesy of  IMDB    Leading Lady Lupita Nyong’o as Adelaide Wilson in  Us  (2019).

Photos courtesy of IMDB

Leading Lady Lupita Nyong’o as Adelaide Wilson in Us (2019).