Spot the new menu on campus

Addison Crane


The Spot is a staple of life on  the Whittier College campus. At any given time, one can find students crowded in there hanging out with friends and enjoying the food offered. Lunch hours are especially busy, with lines flooding into the connected Ettinger Lounge as students wait to grab a bite to eat between classes. 

Over JanTerm, the Spot’s menu underwent a few changes. 

There are three different menus: The Spot Grill, The Spot Taqueria (available 10:30am — 2pm MondayThursday), and the Drip (offering coffee, tea, and smoothies). The Spot Taqueria, which first debuted in Fall of 2017, has added a vegetarian option for the taco salad. They also added a plethora of new sides: roasted vegetables, roasted corn with peppers, avocado, and Mexican coleslaw. 

There are now six vegetarian/vegan menu items on the Spot Grill: blackened tofu, black bean burger, impossible burger, garden burger, grilled cheese, and mozzarella sticks. The new sides for this section are roasted sweet potatoes, roasted mushrooms, steamed vegetables, roasted fingerling potatoes, and onion rings. Third-year Miranda Hidalgo said, “I like the new onion rings. I think they’re delicious.” The onion rings are battered- style, as opposed to breaded- style, and sell for $1.99.

Something else that students have been happily buzzing about is the re-addition of the turkey club, an old Spot favorite that was taken off the menu last semester. The feedback regarding the turkey club sandwich seems to be positive. “I’m really happy that the turkey club is back,” said fourth-year Emily Olague. 

However, like all change, not everyone is happy about the changing menu. Some things had to be taken away, like the chicken parmigiana sandwich.  “I’m upset that the chicken [parmigiana] was taken away from the menu,” said second-year Manuel Alvarez.

Whether you love the new menu or hate it, one thing is clear: there are many more options, accounting for more dietary needs than before. The menu at the Spot changes often, so if you are unhappy now , maybe next semester you’ll have some things you wanted.  If the turkey club can come back, who knows what else is possible.