Jackie Au 


For many college students, the pressure to meet the standards of academia comes as an almost unattainable goal and can be disheartening to many. The English Department will be attempting to ease that pressure for authors and writers specifically next Monday with Impolite Society!, a lunch event focused on alternative paths to the writing life. The event, organized by Visiting Assistant Professor of English Joe Donnelly, will take place at 12:30 p.m. on April 15 on the first floor of the Wardman Library. 

The event will dive into the ways in which aspiring authors and writers can follow the path of a writing life without having to fit into the strict mold of being a model student. Authors Allan MacDonnell and Dean Kuipers will be in attendance, both serving as models for how the non-model student and individual can find success in their writing career. MacDonnell, a former staff writer for the L.A. based punk magazine Slash and the author of three memoirs — Prisoner of X, Punk Elegies, and Now That I’m Gone — represents the type of individual who might not fit the mold of the average author. MacDonnell, a prominent L.A.-based punk rocker and a co-inventor of slam dancing (known as a “mosh” to many), has emerged through hardships like attempted suicide and the struggle to be published, becoming a successful author all the while representing the “non model” student. The event will also feature Dean Kuipers, the former Managing Editor at RayGun Magazine and author of The Deer Camp. Kuipers is a renowned environmental journalist who has covered numerous radical environmental movements and has written immersive features on radical environmental groups like the Earth First! Movement, Sea Shepherds, and the Earth Liberation Front. 

For students seeking a future career in journalism or publishing, attending this event is a must. Students of all majors and disciplines are also encouraged to attend.