Society Spotlight: Countdown to commencement

Iyesha Ferguson


As a fourth-year, I am so excited to finally have less than a month until graduation. It is a bittersweet time for fourth-years in Societies because we are not just graduating, we are leaving people we consider family and moving into alumni-hood. I spoke with a number of non-senior Society members, and here is what they had to say to and about their graduating members: 

First-year Lancer Cesar Tamayo said, “It’s bittersweet being a first-year and having three bigs [big brothers] that are [fourth-years]. I wish I could have made many more memories with them as actives, but it’s their time to graduate. I will always keep in touch with them, and I wish my brothers the best in anything they do in their life.”

Third-year Ionian Makayla Frederick said, “As one of the youngest in the Society, I can’t help but think ‘this is it, they’re leaving me,’ But that’s the thing — they’re not leaving me. I won’t see them in the library or in the quad, but this runs deep. It’s not a four-year thing, it’s a forever thing.”

First-year Franklin Kanoa Lindiwe said, “Getting to know each and every Franklin in our Society has been a blast! It is so sad to see two of them graduate this semester, but I know that they are moving on to bigger things and that they will continue to come back as alumni.”

First-year Metaphonian Ariana Juarez said, “I’m really happy for them! As a new member, I have mixed feelings. Of course, I would love for them to stay around a little longer, but . . . they’re going out into the world and . . . I’m really excited to see what they’ll do, and I’m wishing them the best.”

Second-year Penn Toby Chung said, “I will miss all of the fourth-years a lot. They are a bunch of really cool guys who are all about having a good time and [working hard]. With them all doing their capstone presentations and other extracurriculars, I’m amazed how they can still actively participate in the society. It’s going to be weird next semester without having them by my side, but, luckily, we will always have the connections we made by joining the Society.”

Third-year Thalian Maria Caliz said, “The girls that are graduating this year are a group of girls that are going to rock the world. They have been amazing role models, and it is going to be bittersweet to watch them cross the stage. All of us in the Society could not be more excited to see where these amazing, strong, independent, diverse women go.”

Third-year Orthogonian Meda Mazon said, “I’m excited for them and what they will do in the future, but I’m also sad because those are my guys.”

Third-year Palmer CJ Esparza said, “Watching some of the people I’m closest to achieve that moment of walking across the stage reminds me of why I wanted to join a Society in the first place — to have role models that are like me but that I also look up to.”