Stitching together a supportive community

Stitching together a supportive community

Addison Crane


TW: Mentions of sexual assault


In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness month, Whittier College’s Violence Intervention Prevention (VIP) club and the Student Counseling Center hosted Whittier College’s own Denim Day on April 24. Denim Day was started by an organization called Peace Over Violence after the Italian Supreme Court overturned a woman’s sexual assault case in 1998 because they felt that the victim’s tight jeans implied consent. The day after, all the women in the Italian Parliament wore jeans to show solidarity with the victim. 

President Oubré sent out an email on Denim Day explaining the origins of this event, while also offering resources and support for victims of sexual assault and misconduct on campus. Some of the resources she shared included Campus Safety, Whittier College staff members, the Student Counseling Center, Project Sister, — an online sexual misconduct reporting form — and the Poet Early Alert Program form. “In addition to supporting students who have been victims of sexual violence, Whittier College is committed to preventing sexual misconduct on campus,” Oubré said in the email. Oubré also shared how she and the College are striving to continue to educate the student body about “healthy relationships, consent, prevention, and support.” Oubré ended her email with: “By taking action, and working together, we can all make a difference.”

Students and professors alike gathered from 11:30 a.m. – 2 p.m. in the Campus Courtyard to show their support for Denim Day. Victims and allies wrote empowering messages like “you are stronger than you know,”  “keep your head up,” “we believe you,” “you are valid and you are heard,” and “we stand together.” It was beautiful seeing the Whittier College community come together to support something so important.