Flushing away Turner’s old bathrooms
EMERSON LITTLE/ QUAKER CAMPUS    Along with the improvements to the bathrooms, Turner now has gender inclusive bathrooms.


Along with the improvements to the bathrooms, Turner now has gender inclusive bathrooms.

Jackie Au


Whittier College students returned to residential life this semester with a great surprise —  complete renovations of the bathrooms of the Turner Residence Hall. Built in the 1990s, Turner Hall is the newest of the residential buildings and houses more than 100 students. The shining dorm on the hill is one of the few that has in-room air conditioning units as well as newer facilities, including the newly renovated bathrooms. Under normal circumstances, a renovation of a bathroom is a minute detail in the lives of residential students; however, Housing and Residential Life has created a whole new living experience for Turner Hall residents. 

Not only are the bathrooms a complete upgrade functionality wise, but also reflect a modern and classy new decor. The new bathrooms, fitted with locking shower doors, Delta brand faucets and sinks, and sleek new design were a much welcomed addition to Turner Hall. Third-year Keylee Leong believes that the new additions to the hall are likely to draw more students to residential life. “They’re pristine and clean, something the previous bathrooms were definitely not… it’s nice to have these new bathrooms; they make [Turner Hall] more inviting and more enjoyable to live in.” 

The new additions were no easy feat. In fact, Turner Hall was closed for the entirety of the summer, and some areas were still under construction days before move in. The new additions to Turner Hall also addressed the continuing problem of plumbing in the residence hall. 

During the last semester, two residents were forced to relocate to another residence hall due to extreme leaking in their ceiling, triggering continued fire alarms and extreme plumbing issues. Seeing as this was a concern needing to be addressed urgently, residential life repaired the failing pipes and plumbing system, along with the complete renovation of the hall bathrooms. New additions to the bathrooms also include gender neutral facilities on the floors, as well as newly created disability accommodating shower facilities. 

Dorm life at Whittier, or any college for that matter, can be difficult. Shared spaces, especially bathrooms are often a difficult space to maintain, and feel comfortable in. However, with the new additions to Turner Hall, residents are able to enjoy modern and inviting facilities that are both completely functional, and beautifully designed. However, with new bathrooms and renovated halls, it is still the responsibility of residents to ensure their living spaces are clean and respectfully shared, including maintaining the newly renovated bathrooms, so, please, keep your space clean and we will all benefit!