Thoughts From a Twin XL

September was a month for meeting the family. In between learning names, sensibilities, stress levels, and favorite foods, I remember a time (only a month before) when my boyfriend was not ready for me to meet his family, and frankly (probably) didn’t want me to at all. “Family is something I am very apprehensive about,” he told me again on Monday. “My personal life doesn’t overlap with my family life … so to have you in my living room for so long … it’s a lot for me.” The moment he’s talking about consisted of us sharing stories, music, and baby pictures in his parents’ living room the night we celebrated his dad’s birthday. It’s all a lot for me too, but in different ways than it is for him, my partner (I assume — scratch that — I know. Maybe?). 

Poets swipe right on dating workshop series

Love and dating can be tumultuous in college — students are busy navigating classes and jobs, and transitioning into a more independent lifestyle. Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIP) along with the Community Organizing Intern for Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Prevention, Eryn Wells, brought Trina Tan to our campus last week on Sept. 19 and 20. Wells was excited to take part in helping shape our community. “One of my goals within this internship is to help create a more informed and healthy community,” said Wells. “If community members are learning and passing knowledge onto others, this causes for healthy dialogues to circulate. It is really important that our community be more informed and talk about issues that are important, rather than brushing them under the rug.”