Ecletic writer greets Whittier with a big personality

Emma Tohil

As a hockey enthusiast, world traveler and aspiring novelist, Sarah Debasree Brown has done so much, but she knows how to stay humble: “My biggest fan is by far my cat.”

I met Brown, originally from Gardiner, Montana (located in Yellowstone National Park), over a sufficiently awkward Facebook message after discovering that she’d be my roommate for the upcoming year. Upon meeting her and getting to know her, I learned of her uniquely intricate past. 

While she was adopted into a “close-knit, loving” family at three months old, she originally came from Kolkata, India where she also spent her third grade school-year.     

She casually mentioned to me that she had written a book throughout her junior year. The idea first formulated during her freshman year in high school, but it wasn’t until two years later that pen hit paper and her ideas were finally articulated. After two months of visualizing story lines, writing narrative drafts and crumpling them up, she has completed 90 pages of her book. 

She notes that her novel is unfinished, although the story has a concrete ending. She considers the current state of her content a rough draft. However, she’s ambitious for the future of the impending story. In the near future she hopes toself-publish her work once she’s completed her novel.

As to not give away any spoilers she briefly revealed the synopsis of her novel.  “My story describes what our modern day would be like if the South had won the Civil War,” Brown said. “It follows a young girl named Ariana Hale, who is kidnapped and forced into a life of modern day slavery, a victim of sex trafficking in an uncharted terriotory on the East Coast.” 

Brown’s ultimate goal is to continue developing Ariana Hale’s voice, as a symbolic source of strength. But given the transition to college, she’s been holding off on writing for the time being. “I hope to continue writing to eventually develop my series into a trilogy,” Brown said.  

As for Brown’s past, she’s done quite a bit. She’s went to a boarding school in Boston for the past four years and fondly reflects on her time there. “I tried to participate in everything I could,” Brown said. “I want my college experience to reflect my high school experience; the involvement meant so much to me. It gives us all a happy reason for being here, you know? It readies us for what’s going to come next. The whole thing is so invigorating.”

Brown also has a passion for hockey. She volunteered to manage the boy’s hockey team for her high school’s athletic department where she was in charge of organizing games, recording thrilling moments and making sure everything was in order. 

Brown love of traveling has heavily influenced her writing. During her time in Europe, Italy, Greece, India, Asia and Africa, she says she grew into herself and was able to express her characters more accurately, due to the closeness she developed with herself in her time abroad. 

Brown enjoys soccer, volleyball and dance, has performed in several musicals, and loves to hike and explore her surroundings. 

Young authors like Brown are conquering the writing world story by story. Keep tabs on the name Sarah Debasree Brown. With her powerful storytelling and an idealistic lens through which she sees the world, she could very well be on shelves near you before you know it.