Garret House event discusses modern conflict

Aerin Herrera

Professors Jake and Rosemary Carbine invited students and faculty into the Garrett House for a movie screening and discussion on behalf of the Religious Studies Department on Tuesday Oct. 25. The living room of the house awaited students with chairs eager to be filled, which faced the wall where a projector was prepared for the viewing. The Carbines happily hosted the event, with snacks, drinks, and questions prepared for a discussion on how racial ideology, conformity and opposition influenced the sunrising and collapse of the Nazi regime .

The main purpose of these houses is to benefit the students. “[We want to] provide a social space outside of the classroom that can be used to enhance student intellectual, cultural, or personal experience as a member of the College community,” said J. Carbine.      

This is the Carbines’ first year as faculty masters. Professor Jake Carbine has been teaching at Whittier College since 2007. He decided to become a faculty master for the rewarding benefits of being so closely connected with the students. “[I enjoy providing] opportunities to expand student and college-wide learning beyond the typical classroom and lab,” said J. Carbine.

The masters promote and help to cultivate student-faculty interactions and friendships. Carbine enjoys being an important part to those relationships and he said he has always wanted to be a faculty master since he started working here at Whittier. Hosting events in previous years has let him see their importance first hand.

 The houses are also meant to integrate experiences and co-curricular life by using a house-theme. The Carbines have made their theme “global awareness and problem solving,” which was the basis of the event they hosted on Tuesday. They showed a movie about Nazi Germany, which was later discussed in terms of its global issues and how we can learn from these issues.

J. Carbine believes the house theme is relevant in addressing important topics in today’s world. “We are at a historical moment when an increased need for global awareness, understanding, and solution-directed efforts is more paramount than ever,” said J. Carbine. He sees global awareness and understanding as the key to solving problems related to religion, politics, gender, race, class, and sexuality. According to J. Carbine, “We are, so to speak, all in this together.”

  Events hosted at the Garrett House are not limited to global awareness and problem solving. If a student is interested in hosting an event at a faculty master house, they are encouraged to email Professor J. Carbine. He is open to ideas, as long as there is a few weeks of planning. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity.