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Xiaopan Xue LEAPs into student involvement

The Quaker Campus

Leah Boynton


California native Xiaopan Xue joined the Leadership Experiences and Programming (LEAP) Office as the Assistant Director of Student Organizations and Programming this summer. She hopes to improve the Whittier College student experience by bringing more structure to on-campus clubs’ training and leadership transitions from year to year.

Xue’s primary responsibilities in LEAP involve programming and conducting training on skills-based and event planning workshops. She also advises the Inter Club Council (ICC) and Media Council, and is in charge of the Student Activities Fair and Student Organization Awards at the end of the year.

Before arriving at Whittier, Xue attended Cal Poly Pomona and completed her bachelor’s degreein communications. She received her master’s degree in education at California State University (CSU) Fullerton. At CSU Fullerton, Xueworked in student life and leadership and found her passion for working with college students.

“I just think [college] is a really great time because a lot of people discover themselves — whatever that may look like for them — and it’s a journey and a process, and they usually discover themselves through involvement,” Xue said. “I’m really passionate about helping students develop [life] skills, and my area just happens to be clubs and [organizations]. You can’t just develop a student on academics, you also have to develop a student personally and professionally and holistically.”

So far, Xue has enjoyed the small community at Whittier, especially after attending two larger public universities. She has been impressed with how involved students are in both academics and extracurricular activites. “It’s really cool that I get to touch base with a lot of students on a daily basis and I get to know a lot more students than I would have at a public school,” Xue said. “When I interviewed I had lunch with some of the students and it was very enjoyable, to see how involved everyone is and how passionate they are.”

One major factor in her decision to work at Whittier was the passion she saw in her future collegues in LEAP and the Office of Equity and Inclusion (OEI). “One of the first things I noticed when I interviewed here were the colleagues I’d be working with. [They are] really good people that share my enthusiasm for students and really care about the student’s experience and advocacy and providing those programs and services for students,” Xue said. 

Outside of work, Xue enjoys photography and specializes in senior portraits and wedding photos. She also is a “bookworm” and loves all things entertainment. Xue is excited to see her future events come to fruition as well as meeting more students.

“I would like students to know that I’m a resource for them,” Xue said. “You can walk into the office and speak to me if I’m available. I want students to know that I’m here for them and I’m only an email away.”