ffeature3The Quaker Campus

Students chill out at Chillin’

ffeature3The Quaker Campus

Tori O’Campo


With their unique décor and comfortable atmosphere, Chillin’ is a welcoming bubble tea cafe in Uptown Whittier that serves a variety of drinks from boba tea to milk smoothies. Chillin’ opened their doors to the public in July. The owner, Kenny Lee, got the idea for Chillin’ when he lived in Alhambra and saw a rise in boba shops that he would visit after school. 

The cafe has various board games such as Cards Against Humanity and Jenga—this fun and open cafe is full of smiles and conversation. The inside is decorated with a minimalistic aesthetic, with angels wings painted on the wall to create the perfect photo opportunity. The cafe servespeople of all ages, although the majority of their cliental seem to be students. 

“You can do homework here. You can come grab a tea with friends. You can just relax,”said Lee. High school and college-age students were part of the inspiration for Chillin’s relaxing atmosphere because Lee wanted the cafe to be a place to hang out. “It is a place where you can grab [a tea] and talk with friends. Most students cannot go to the bar for drinks. Instead they can hang out here,” Lee said. 

The cafe has already attracted Whittier College students with their delicious drinks and welcoming environment. “Walking in, I was excited to see how comforting I found it,” said first-year Juliana Campagna. “I also appreciated how visually pleasing the decor and setup is.” 

Chillin’ offers milk tea, black tea, green tea, milk icee, iced coffee, milk smoothies, and ice slush. Guests can also opt to add boba, jelly, or pudding. Some of the many drink items include Thai iced tea, mango ice slush, caramel mocha smoothie, and passion fruit tea. Their most popular drink is their Oreo milk smoothie. “My personal [favorite] is our Royal Milk tea,” Lee said. Chillin’ also serves macaroon ice cream sandwiches.

If you check in at Chillin’ on Yelp, you will receive a coupon for one free topping. The cafe also offers a 10 percent discount for all students and faculty of Whittier College, which allows studentsto treat themselves,  even on a college budget. 

Chillin’ is open from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. Sunday through Wednesday and 11 a.m. until 11 p.m. on Thursday through Saturday. These convenient hours with a wide tea selection and comfortable atmosphere make it a great place to hang out with friends, study, play games, and get some delicious drinks.