The Quaker Campus

President Scurr pursues a career in engineering

The Quaker Campus

Destiny Barrientos


The Associated Students of Whittier College (ASWC) Senate has experienced a lot of ups and downs in the first few weeks of the semester, but one important person has stayed constant — their fearless leader third-year Bryceton Scurr. In addition to being the ASWC Senate President, Scurr is also Vice President of the physics club and a resident community advisor.

Scurr discovered Whittier College through a friend and decided to attend because of Whittier’s 3-2 engineering program with the University of Southern California (USC). The program allows students to fulfill a Bachelor of Arts in Physics during their first three years at Whittier and a Bachelors of Sciences in Physics at USC during years four and five. 

Scurr will be attending USC in the Fall of 2018 and is looking forward to new opportunities to get involved and get connected on campus. “There’s so many on-campus organizations dedicated to engineering,” Scurr said. Though his leadership will be missed on campus, Scurr knows that this will be a huge step for him towards an engineering career. 

Another major step to towards his career goals was an internship he did with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). “I found out about it through the Career Center because I worked there last summer,” Scurr said. “It was at the Office of Human Capital Management. The whole goal of this internship specifically was to make a pamphlet or introductory booklet for new NASA members to read and have an orientation experience through it.” By the end of the internship, Scurr assisted in the creation of a prototype online user experience book. 

As Scurr considers his future career, he does keep NASA in mind. “Right now I’m thinking more grounded, like Civil Engineering. I still think it could work its way through NASA and JPL because working in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory would be cool and I know people there now,” said Scurr. 

As President of the ASWC Senate, Scurr also has big plans. “I’m definitely excited to see where this table goes over the course of this year,” said Scurr. “I feel like we’re starting off in a good place. Everyone is super excited.” Scurr believes the organization has many good ideas planned for the upcoming year. 

“The conversations that the Senate has at meetings, I think, will be very interesting and progressive in a sense, and I just think they’ll do a great job of making Senate seem cool and exciting and get more involvement from the overall student body,” said Scurr. The student body can expect many exciting changes in the upcoming months.  

When asked if he was highly involved in high school, Scurr laughed and shook his head. However, Scurr is very involved here at the College and encourages all students to find their place in a club or organization. “The quickest way [to get involved] is to get added to an emailing list, find out when meetings are, and just show up,” said Scurr. Scurr emphasized that there are over 50 organizations on campus, and getting involved in any of them is a great way to build a community here. However, he also warns that if you’re feeling stressed, don’t stretch yourself thin. “I lowered my class load a couple credits this year to compensate for the time Senate takes up,” said Scurr.

In his free time, Scurr likes to engage in activities that relieve his stress. “I like to play video games because they let me escape the word around me and let me focus on a single story or objective,” said Scurr. “I feel like I accomplish something through that.” 

Scurr appreciates the inclusive environment of the Whittier College student body and calls on everyone to help keep it that way. One way he believes students can do this is by using certain terms instead of others, such as “first-year student” instead of “freshman.” This transition in campus language was emphasized during Scurr’s Community Advisor (CA) training and is important to Scurr. “That’s what Whittier College is all about: being inclusive of everyone,” said Scurr. To hear more from Scurr and the rest of the ASWC Senate, feel free to stop by the weekly senate meetings on Mondays at 7 p.m. in Villalobos Hall.