Congressional candidate connects with young Republicans

Congressional candidate connects with young Republicans

Juan Zuniga-Mejia


On Oct. 17, Whittier College’s Richard M. Nixon Republican Club invited this year’s youngest Congressional candidate, Joshua Scott, to Villalobos Hall at 6 p.m. to discuss his platform with young Republicans on campus. 

At 25 years old, Scott was encouraged to run for Congress when he went to the California Republican Party (CAGOP) Convention last May. One of the reasons he said he enjoyed the event was because “[It is] the one time [in] Southern California you get to be with like-minded patriots.” When other California political enthusiasts approached him, they discussed how California’s thirty-second district — a Los Angeles (LA) County base that includes El Monte, Monterey Park, West Covina, and southern Glendora — did not have anyone running who opposed the single Democratic candidate, incumbent Grace Napolitano. “People deserve a choice,” said Scott. “They deserve a choice to represent them, and they need someone to fuel the base to get people out to vote.”

This inspired Scott to go door to door and make phone calls to accumulate signatures on his petition to be enlisted on the 2018 Congressional ballot. Those who signed the petition did not have to support Scott as Republicans, they just needed to believe he was willing to provide a voice for people in the LA County. Scott said,“In the state of California . . . LA County is so important. You have to have a huge chunk of LA County to have any sort of success in a statewide race.” Staying true to his beliefs, and the voice of his fellow Republicans, Scott works hard in charming and educating his locals cities of thirty-second district in creating a stronger America.  “What I’m advocating for are my patriotic ideologies . . . in order for any of this to actually happen, we need LA County. If the conservatives’ base is disgruntled in any of these bases, they’re not going to show up, and we’re pretty much screwed in November.”

Scott’s guest appearance to speak at Whittier College was his first audience with young voters. With the November elections coming up, young adults have been encouraging one another on social media, regardless of their party preferences, to vote for what they believe in and exercise their  voting rights. Scott graduated from California State University Long Beach with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. He shared with Poets his experience being a Republican in a largely liberal college.

While in college, on a hot day in the Fall semester, Scott wore his Ronald Reagan tank top that read, “Bringing America Back.” What started off as a “fun little novelty in the political science department,” resulted in significant backlash. “You wouldn’t believe the amount of abuse I took for it,” said Scott. “I was cussed out, [given] death threats, people [were] screaming at me — saying all kinds of horrible things — for wearing a Reagan shirt, just for the fun of it.” 

On his website,, Scott says, “So many of us are disgruntled with the current affairs of the United States Legislative Branch. Blind partisanship, which caters only to the special interests and their big money, is the current state of affairs. As an independent person, I firmly believe it is not only possible, but absolutely necessary that we work together for solutions that will benefit and unite our country.” For more on Scott’s political position on various issues, visit his website at, where he discusses topics such as economy/taxes, healthy care, immigration, and more.